Does Your Dog Bark At Night? 7 Causes And 7 Solutions

Does your dog bark at night? The barking of the dog is not only annoying for you, but also for your neighbors. To avoid arguments with the neighborhood or even the police, you should find out the reason for the night’s disturbance.

The reasons can be very diverse. In this article you will find possible causes and get helpful tips on how to proceed.

In a nutshell: When the dog barks at night

When your dog barks at night, it can be for a variety of reasons. Dogs are often not sufficiently utilized during the day and then have an excess of energy at night. You should therefore make sure that your dog gets enough exercise during the day by going for long walks and playing with it extensively.

Or maybe your dog learned early on that barking and howling will be rewarded by getting your attention. Therefore, consistently ignore him if he picks up this learned behavior.

Causes – This is why your dog barks at night

Many dogs bark at night. The noise keeps you and those around you from sleeping. But why do dogs bark at night? There are various reasons for this.

Every dog ​​is different and has different motivations for barking at night. We have put together a few options for you below.


If your dog barks at night, it could be a sign of loneliness. Dogs are pack animals. They are looking for closeness to humans or to fellow animals.

The nocturnal barking is therefore a desire for affection and attention. The isolation and loneliness scares your dog. The barking says “Take care of me!”

You can find out more about loneliness in dogs in our article: Does your dog bark when it is alone?

Change in habits

Is your furry friend not allowed to sleep in bed recently? Dogs are sensitive to a change in known habits.

So if your dog is barking at night, he may be unhappy with the current situation. A new or unfamiliar situation, such as moving house or a new place to sleep, can trigger the barking.

Your dog is still small

Nocturnal barking is always a question of age. For example, puppies bark more often at night than adult dogs.

If you have adopted a puppy, you must first wean it off the nocturnal disturbance. Over time, your dog will calm down and sleep through the night.


Dogs have very good ears. Any noise, no matter how small, can cause your dog to start his concert. This can be an animal, a pedestrian, or a passing car.

Missing utilization

Dogs are real bundles of energy. You need to be active and busy throughout the day. If your dog still has too much energy at night, it is possible that he will start barking.

Protective instinct

Some dog breeds are more protective than others, such as guard dogs. The nocturnal barking can be an expression of its protective instinct. He’s trying to warn you of potential dangers.

You can read more about the protective instinct in dogs in our guide “Stopping the protective instinct in dogs”.

Pressure on the bladder

It’s possible that your dog is barking to draw attention to bladder pressure. He’s trying to tell you that he has to “out the door” again.

You can do this to stop your dog barking at night

Dogs barking at night can quickly become a stress test for you and your neighbors.

In the worst case, the police have to come because of a nighttime disturbance. So you have to train your dog to stop barking at night.

You can find out more about barking dogs and the regulatory office here.

Various solutions are available to you for this. Which of these brings the desired success depends on the particular cause and the character of your dog.

The following tips and tricks are sure to have something for your individual case.

Do not isolate the dog

Your dog wants to be near you. The isolation at night frightens him. He is lonely and starts barking. Don’t leave your four-legged friend alone at night either! Maybe it will help your dog if you place his sleeping place next to your bed.

If your dog only barks when he’s alone, check out my guide article on My dog ​​barks when he’s alone here.

Improvement of sleeping place

Another possibility is that your dog is unhappy with his dog bed. Maybe it’s too hard, too small or too uncomfortable. Treat your pet to a new place to sleep! Maybe that will make it better.

Ensure sufficient utilization

Barking at night is often a sign of having too much energy. Dogs need a lot of physical and mental activity. If your dog barks too much at night, give him more exercise during the day. Take him for longer walks and play with him more often. The more active your dog is, the less he will bark at night.

Raise dog

Barking at night is also a matter of upbringing. Untrained puppies or dogs will bark louder and more frequently because they may have realized early on that doing so is rewarding and getting attention.

Therefore, start training your dog to stop barking at night as early as possible.

Ignore dog

Under no circumstances should you check on your dog for every little noise. Your dog feels empowered and is happy about the attention. Even if you’re thinking, “Why is my dog ​​barking at me?” the solution is the same. Even a scolding can be taken as a success by your dog.

It is much more effective to simply let your four-legged friend bark and howl. Don’t let him out of his crate or pet him.

Your dog needs to understand that barking will not be rewarded. Ideally, it will stop on its own.

Provide more peace

Where does your dog sleep at night? There’s a good chance he’s just not getting enough rest. This can be the case if the sleeping place is near a busy street or if you accidentally left the window open.

Your dog should always be in a quiet place to sleep. He should not be kept from sleeping at night by noise.

Let out for a moment

Sometimes it can also help if you just let the dog out in the garden for a moment. He’s barking because he just needs to pee again.

Good to know

The nocturnal barking does not stop overnight. You need a lot of patience, discipline, and perseverance.


If your dog barks at night, there can be a variety of reasons. Fear, noise, protective instincts… the list goes on.

Now you are in demand as a dog owner. To stop disturbing the peace and avoid trouble with the police, you should train your dog to stop barking at night.

There are various strategies you can use to do this. Which of these leads to the desired success depends entirely on the cause and the nature of your dog.

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