Does Your Cat Wake You Up at Night?

At the moment you are still sleeping peacefully and dreaming about your cat – and in the next moment it will wake you up. Middle of the night! Sure, such behavior is annoying and exhausting in the long run. It is all the more important to recognize possible reasons for this – and to know what you can do about the nocturnal wake-up.

Sometimes this change happens slowly. Your kitty only wakes you up every two weeks. And before you know it, every night you get a visit on four paws. You want one thing above all else: finally sleep through the night again!

In fact, it’s not uncommon for your cat to wake you up at night. The ancestors of our house cats were nocturnal in order to hunt under the cover of darkness.

Your kitty doesn’t have to chase her food anymore (that’s why she has you). Nevertheless, some circumstances can lead to your cat’s rhythm shifting again and being wide awake at night while you actually want to sleep.

While some kitties hop into bed with you and, for example, make themselves comfortable on your head, others scratch the bedroom door and moan pitifully. Still, others rumble around so loudly in the apartment that you are woken up by the clanking and rumbling.

That is Why Your Cat Wakes You Up While You Sleep

Why does your cat wake you up at night? There can be several reasons for this:

  • Your cat is underutilized during the day because it doesn’t get enough exercise and new impressions. That’s why she is not tired at night.
  • If your cat spends a lot of time alone, he or she may be bored and want your company.
  • Your cat is hungry or thirsty.
  • Your cat’s sleep rhythm has shifted and no longer matches yours.
  • Your kitty’s sleeping place or litter box is messy.
  • Your cat is sick.

If your cat never wakes you up, there could be an illness behind it. Therefore, pay close attention to whether your cat is showing any other signs of illness. If so, you should seek advice from your veterinarian.

Your Cat Will No Longer Wake You Up

There are several things you can do about your cat’s wake-up actions. On the one hand, you can ensure that she gets the full amount of play and attention before going to bed. So she can let off steam again and then hopefully sleep better herself.

A light snack in the late evening can also help prevent your kitty from having a nightly hunger attack. Does your pet wake you up early in the morning because it wants to be fed? An automatic feeder can quickly remedy this.

If the cat wakes you up anyway, ignore it. At some point, she learns that she doesn’t always get her way. It is important that the other family members pull along and remain steadfast.

Sometimes it can also make sense to get a second cat. Because especially if you are out and about a lot during the day, your cat is busier with the company. She no longer has the feeling that she needs your attention all the time, at any time of the day or night.

Last but not least, it’s important that your cat – and you – have quiet surroundings to sleep in. Maybe there are noises or light sources that deprive your velvet paw of its beautiful sleep. In her insomnia, she won’t let you sleep either. Therefore, make sure that the sleeping place is in a quiet, darkened room in which the kitty feels comfortable.

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