Do You Love the Dog as Much as the Children?

It may sound provocative, but the fact is that we love our dogs just as much as our children. It shows new research from Japan.

Recently we wrote about how many people would choose their dog before their partner if you were forced to choose. So strong is the love for our dogs.

But now it shows that the dog does not stop at the partner, but also challenges the children when it comes to how much we love them. A research team at Azabu University in Japan looked at the concentration of the hormone oxytocin and discovered that we farm with our dogs in the same way we farm with our children. The ties are just as strong.

Does that sound weird do you think? Evan MacLean, director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center in the United States, which is prominent in dog research, did not think so. They have seen the same thing in their investigations.
– Man is so distantly related to the dog, but the dogs have human traits. There are aspects of dog psychology where the dog is more similar to what we can see in small children than what we have been able to see in any other animal species, he tells the magazine Science.

Here, communication is super important. The dog has lived with us for so long and has a built-in understanding of how we communicate. Thanks to that understanding of each other, we also build close relationships quite naturally.

But do you think this is true? Do you love your dog the same way? Comment and like below!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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