Do the Reflexes Still Hold Up?

Now it’s the reflex time! But reflectors are fresh, did you know that? Do the reflections from last year still hold, or do you need to buy new ones? How to check the quality.

They are really amazing what good, life-saving, invention reflexes are. If you are out walking in dark clothes, with a dog with black or dark brown fur, a car with a low beam will only detect you when it is 20-30 meters away. Then it can be difficult to have time to swerve or brake if necessary. A dog with light fur looks a little better, but not in the long run as well as if you have reflexes. Then the driver sees you already at a distance of 125 meters.

But reflectors are fresh. Most last only one year, but as with most things, there are quality differences. Do the reflexes hold for you and your dog this year as well?

Here’s how to test if they still work well:

Get a whole new reflex to compare with.

Darken a room (or take advantage of a dark evening).

Place the new and the old reflectors next to each other.

Light on the reflectors at a distance of four meters.

Compare the difference. If your old reflexes look bad, it’s time to buy new ones.

Laundry and Forest Walks Wear

Reflective necklaces and leashes that get dirty and scratched in the woods, as well as reflective vests that may also be washed, age quickly, and may need to be changed often. The same applies to reflectors that are stored in drawers among lots of other items or are in your pocket or bag and go around and are scratched by keys, clickers, or other small items.

Also, keep in mind that the reflectors do not work if they are dirty, wipe them off after the walk when the weather is bad.

If you need to buy new reflectors, invest in ones that are at least 15 square centimeters to provide sufficient reflection.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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