Disinfectants Save Lives and Endanger Your Aquarium

Apart from toilet paper and pasta, no other product is currently enjoying such great popularity as disinfectants. In view of the global coronavirus pandemic, regular hand washing and disinfection can save lives – this is the advice of the World Health Organization, for example. While the WHO recommends that dog and cat owners disinfect their hands after contact with their four-legged friend, aquarists should keep their hands away from the aquarium after using a disinfectant.

If you want to change the water in your aquarium or, for example, want to clean the filters from the inside, you should not do this with freshly disinfected hands. The Central Association of Zoological Companies (ZZF) points this out.

Because disinfectants leave chemical residues on the skin. This can have negative effects on the water values and thus on the health of your fish.

To avoid this, according to the association, it is sufficient to clean hands and arms with clear, warm water beforehand.

Disinfectants Damage Water Values

Before ornamental fish friends reach the aquarium, their hands should be free of chemical residues of any kind. To avoid negative effects on the water values, it is sufficient to wash your hands and arms with clear, warm water beforehand.

That is why the following applies to aquarists in times of Corona: disinfect hands – absolutely. Then put it directly into the aquarium – under no circumstances.

We already summarized in spring in this article which precautionary measures you as a dog owner should take because of the coronavirus on the walk.

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