Danger in Leaves: How Dangerous Are Walnut Trees For Your Dog

Many dogs love to frolic in the foliage. You can use this for fun searching games – but better not in the foliage of walnut trees. Why? This explains the pet expert.

To make the walk more fun, you can always organize small search games for a walk with the dog. This is especially interesting in variegated autumn leaves. Just stack a small pile of leaves yourself, hide the toys and let the dog search for them. But be careful: avoid walnut trees.

Dangerous Walnut Trees

Because: “Green walnut shells often contain noxious mold that can be fatal to dogs,” warns Four Paws pet expert Sara Ross. While looking for a treat, it can happen that a dog accidentally swallows mushrooms – and this can be fatal.

Just in case, do not hide anything edible in the foliage of the walnut trees when playing search games, and in the fall, it is better to keep your dog out of the walnut trees.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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