Damp Cloths and Water Mist: Heat Tips for Birds

Birds also suffer from periods of heat – the same applies to them as it does to you: water, water, water! In any form. You can also use the spray bottle for birds.

Freshwater should be available to your birds 24/7 in hot weather. If the temperature climbs very sharply, you can put damp cloths over the cage and thus provide for cooling, explains the “Bund Deutscher Tierfreunde”.

Not Just in the Heat: Birds Like to Bathe

Most birds enjoy taking a bath every now and then. In order to provide additional cooling for parrots, budgies & Co., you can spray fine water mist into the cage with a spray bottle. However, you should make sure that your bird can decide for itself whether it wants to get wet or not, according to animal lovers.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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