Dalmatian: What You Should Know

The Dalmatian is a breed of dog. Dalmatians are slim and have white fur with black spots. They are classified as medium to large dogs. The puppies are born white and only develop their spots after about two weeks.

Dalmatians are lively and friendly dogs. They need a lot of loving affection from their owner as they are very sensitive. They are also very intelligent dogs. You can easily teach them tricks.

They were originally bred to run alongside carriages to protect them from robbers and wild animals. Therefore they have good stamina. However, Dalmatians also often have a problem with their hearing.

Dalmatians are said to have existed in ancient Egypt. Images of dogs that look similar have been found. From Egypt via Greece, the Dalmatian is said to have come to Dalmatia in today’s Croatia, among other places. It also got its name from this region.

The dog breed is known from the cartoon “101 Dalmatians” by Walt Disney in 1961. It was based on a children’s book from 1956. The story with the many little puppies was later filmed again.

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