Dachshund: What You Should Know

The Dachshund is a well-known breed of dog that is mainly bred in Germany. A dachshund is easily recognized by its elongated body and short legs. He has a long muzzle and floppy ears. There is the long-haired dachshund, the short-haired dachshund, and the wire-haired dachshund. The fur colors are mostly red, red-black, or chocolate-brown.

A dachshund is between 25 and 35 centimeters tall and weighs around 9 to 13 kilograms. Even if he is small, you should not underestimate him.

Dachshunds are confident dogs. They are friendly, intelligent, and playful, but sometimes a bit stubborn. The Dachshund needs a lot of attention and exercise. You have to take him out at least three times a day. Dachshunds should not be allowed to climb stairs alone. That puts too much strain on your spine. It’s better to carry them up the stairs.

What is the meaning of the dachshund for humans?

Even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans knew the dachshund. He was already used as a hunting dog back then. In the language of the hunters, they are also called “teckel” or “dachshund” because they used to hunt a lot of badgers. Because of their size and courage, they were good at hunting badgers and foxes in the underground burrow. Since badgers had very long and narrow corridors, the dachshund had to decide everything on his own in the den.

At the Olympic Games in Munich in the summer of 1972, the dachshund “Waldi” was the mascot. The dachshund was chosen because, like the athletes, they are fit, tough, and agile. In addition, it was the pet of many Munich residents at the time. Waldi was the very first mascot at the Olympic Games.

The nodding dachshund is a replica of a dachshund that has a movable head that can wiggle back and forth. Such nodding dachshunds used to be seen sitting on the rear shelf of cars and looking out the back window. The movement of the car made the dachshund’s head shake all the time.

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