Cystitis in Cats: These Home Remedies Will Help

Cystitis in cats is associated with pain and discomfort. Most often, bladder infections are caused by a bacterial infection and must be treated with antibiotics. Home remedies alone are usually not enough for treatment, but they can help with recovery and prevent further illnesses in the future.

Encourage Cats to Drink

In order for the bacteria to be flushed out of the bladder, cats have to drink a lot if they have a bladder infection (cystitis). Provide your sick house tiger with plenty of freshwaters. If the cat is limp due to the illness and does not move much, place the water bowl in close proximity to your favorite sleeping place. The best way to encourage lazy cats to drink is a drinking fountain to drink more water.

Chamomile and Bladder Tea

In addition to freshwater, you can also give your cat some tea. A special bladder tea or a normal chamomile tea has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Since cats mostly refuse pure tea, dilute the brew with plenty of fresh water. In addition, never give the cat hot tea as it can burn itself. It is best to serve the tea at room temperature.

Proper Nutrition: the Basis for a Healthy Bladder

The cat’s bladder and kidney function are largely dependent on diet. A healthy, balanced diet is essential to prevent cystitis and damage to the kidneys.

If the cat has acute cystitis, it is important to lower the pH in the urine. This works best with appropriate food for urinary disorders. The corresponding feed contains less phosphorus and protein and so relieves the kidneys. If your cat has a bladder infection, consider changing the cat food.

Prevent Cystitis: Avoid Stress

One of the most common causes of bladder infections in cats is stress. Cats react extremely sensitively to even the smallest changes in their environment. If there are big changes, get your cat used to the new situation step by step.

Cats that are prone to bladder infections as a stress response need a lot of affection in particular. Create a stress-free environment for your velvet paw, sheltered places to sleep and feed, as well as plenty of play and scratching opportunities. The right number of litter boxes and regular cleaning of the litter box is also important for the cat’s well-being.

Home Remedies Only for Mild Cystitis

Cystitis in cats can be dangerous if it lasts longer, is particularly severe, or if it spreads to the kidneys. Take the condition seriously and see a veterinarian if your cat shows typical symptoms.

Home remedies should only be used as a supplement in cystitis and cannot replace medication. However, tried and tested home remedies can often prevent the recurrence of bladder infections.

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