Cleaning the Panes in the Terrarium, Do Not Use Any Chemical Agents

Both the animals and the plants in a terrarium depend on human care. You as the keeper have to do daily care work, such as cleaning the food and water bowls or removing the droppings, etc. You have to spend some time on the care work as well as cleaning the windows.

How to Clean the Panes in the Terrarium

Only use warm water for all cleaning work in the occupied terrarium. Reptiles and amphibians are very sensitive to detergents and under no circumstances should they come into contact with them or their residues. Products labeled as safe for other animals can also be highly dangerous for reptiles. Allegedly harmless or “natural” products from pet shops are unfortunately not harmless either.

Impurities inevitably form on the glass panes. Phelsumens often drain their feces and urine from the panes. Remove these droppings with a cloth and warm water. Then rub the slices again with a dry, clean towel. You should do this work at least once a week.

What to Do With Limescale Stains in the Terrarium?

Spraying often creates limescale stains that are difficult to remove. Try using a little vinegar and a glass scraper to remove it. You must then thoroughly clean the glass again with water so that the vinegar water is completely removed. You can get glass scrapers in every household store.

No Residue in the Terrarium

It is very important that you use a bucket that you only use for the purpose of cleaning your terrarium. Otherwise, there could be residues from other cleaning agents in this bucket. For basic cleaning, you can use any cleaning agent that fulfills this purpose and does not damage the terrarium. The basic rule is that no residue whatsoever may remain in the terrarium. Even if it is stated otherwise on the packaging, the basin must be thoroughly rinsed, wiped out, and aired afterward. In the case of back walls made of wood and cork, it cannot be ensured that these materials do not absorb anything from the cleaning agent, so they should simply be treated with heat (steam cleaner, hot air dryer, etc.).

The Cleaning of the Panes in the Water Part of a Terrarium

The aqua terrarium or paludarium is a terrarium with an integrated water section. Here, too, as in a real aquarium, algae form on the panes over time. So-called blade cleaners and magnetic cleaners are available for cleaning the windows. You can clean the outside of the windows with a magnetic cleaner. Fressnapf offers the effective algae magnet cleaner in its range. A strong magnet ensures a firm hold. There is also the Tetratec GS 45 blade cleaner in the range. The blades are rustproof and easy to change. When cleaning, make sure that there are no small stones between the cleaner and the glass.

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