Clean Hamster Home? Then Just Use Hot Water

Hamsters are very clean animals – but they also set plenty of scent marks. When cleaning, keepers have to be careful so that they don’t all go flute at once.

Owners of golden or dwarf hamsters should not use disinfectants when cleaning the floor tub, sleeping quarters, lattice attachments, and bowls in the hamster home. Hot water is enough, experts advise.

And this is how the hamster home is properly cleaned:

  • The thick layer of litter is used to absorb moisture. Lumpy and dirty parts should therefore be replaced once a week. When changing litter, only part of the litter is removed – so mix the fresh litter with the older one.
  • Drinking vessels should be cleaned daily. A hanging drinking bottle is better than water bowls that are soiled by the litter or tipped over by the bundle of temperament.
  • The food bowls must also be cleaned daily. It should be clay or porcelain vessels with a heavy bottom. They will be placed in such a way that they cannot fall over.
  • The cleaning of the urine corner is also due daily.
  • The enclosure itself is turned on every two weeks for the golden hamster, a monthly cleaning is sufficient for the dwarf hamster.

  • The little dormitory usually also serves as a pantry for the little diggers. Building material that the hamster carries into its house should not be completely renewed. Instead, it is sufficient to always remove only the soiled parts.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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