Cats in Autumn: 6 Tips for Cat Owners

In autumn there is even more cozy sofa time with your cat. The season can also hold some pitfalls and peculiarities in store for kitties. DeinTierwelt explains what cat owners should pay attention to now.

It is the time of colorful leaves, golden October days, warm knitted sweaters and cozy evenings by candlelight: the “dreary” season has its good sides. So that cats feel completely at ease in autumn too, here are six tips for a cozy – and safe – autumn time for two- and four-legged friends:

Safe in the Dark

Many cats are particularly active during twilight. Unfortunately, when the days get shorter in autumn, this time often falls into rush hour, when people drive to or from work and there are a corresponding number of cars on the way. That is why the risk of car accidents with cats increases in the autumn, according to the British animal welfare organization “Cats Protection”.

If you have an outdoor cat and want to protect it from it, you should think about not letting it out in the dark. If so, you can use a reflective collar for more visibility.

And another tip for keepers of people outdoors: Ask your neighbors again in autumn to always look in the sheds and garages before they lock them up in the evening. When it gets more uncomfortable outside, these can be popular hiding places for cats.

Really Cozy

With their fur, cats are well prepared for the autumn weather. So you don’t have to put a coat on your kitty. Nevertheless, the velvet paws like to make themselves comfortable in the warm again after a cold excursion.

In addition to cozy blankets, Sarah Ross, pet expert at the animal welfare foundation “Vier Pfoten”, has another tip: “So that cats feel really good, you can attach heating baskets in which the cat can cuddle up and warm-up.”

Cats Don’t Need More Food in Autumn

In order to protect themselves against the cold, people and their pets used to have to eat more in winter. After all, such an additional layer of fat is great protection and provides additional energy. However, the invention of heating made this superfluous long ago.

And so not only we but also our cats no longer have to eat winter fat in order to get through the cold season well. On the contrary: some animals can even be less active in autumn and winter and then gain weight if they are fed the same amount of food as in summer.

Therefore, you should either make sure your kitty is getting enough exercise – or, in consultation with your vet, even reduce the ration a little. Finally, being overweight can lead to health problems in cats.

It was a Hairy Time

For cats, autumn also means: changing coat. Even indoor cats swap their summer fur for winter fur, even if it is usually not as thick as cats that are regularly outside. The change of coat ensures a particularly large amount of cat hair and fur balls in the apartment.

This is why fall is a good time to brush a cat’s fur regularly. So the kitty swallows less hair when grooming itself. Depending on the cat, it may take some getting used to: Some kitties don’t like being brushed.

Drive Away the Autumn Blues

Do you often feel listless and tired in autumn? Your cat is probably feeling the same way. Some velvet paws may sleep more in the fall due to the lack of daylight. However, you should stay fit and active during your waking hours. You can support your cat creatively in autumn. For example with colored leaves.

You can collect them and put a handful in a large box. “Indoor cats in particular love to wallow in the fresh leaves and hide. A leaf box is an inexpensive and easy activity idea, ”advises Sarah Ross. “After a few days, you can replace the leaves again, because the fresh leaves bring completely new smells with it.”

Playing with Fire

Admittedly, the best thing about the fact that it gets dark earlier in the evening is the fact that we now light candles again to make ourselves extra cozy. Candles and maybe even a fireplace are the epitome of autumn romance. But they can also be dangerous.

Because of their thick fur, cats are well insulated. As a result, they often do not notice quickly enough when their fur is already being singed. Cat owners should therefore never leave their kitties unattended in a room with an open fire. In addition, it is better to set up candles in such a way that cats cannot knock them over or get their tails into the flame.

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