Cats in a Bad Mood: How to Correctly Interpret Their Mood

Different moods are not uncommon for cats either. These signs tell you straight away that your cat doesn’t want to be petted right now.

With their body language, cats send clear signs of how their mood is at the moment. Unfortunately, many cannot interpret these signs correctly. So it happens that you sometimes try to pet the cat, although it has actually made it clear that it doesn’t want to. So you risk a swipe with your paw.

5 Signs Your Cat is in a Bad Mood

If your cat shows one of these body signals, it is better to leave it alone and not pet it. However, if your cat no longer likes to be touched, if it often seems irritable and aggressive, you should definitely take the cat to a veterinarian. Pain can also be the trigger if the cat is frequently irritated.

Sign 1: The Cat’s Tail

Are you suddenly unable to see your cat’s tail because she pulled it through her legs? Or can it hardly be overlooked because it is all fluffed up and pointing upwards? In both cases, the cat is afraid of something.

Leave the cat alone now, especially if it also retreats in this situation. In general, the tail serves as a mood barometer for our cat. You can read the mood of your animal wonderfully from it.

Sign 2: The Whiskers

First, the whiskers are only spread, then they are suddenly raised. Be careful, your cat feels very threatened by something and may start to actively defend itself. In this state, you’d better keep your distance.

Sign 3: The Cat’s Eyes

Your cat will have constricted pupils if it is too bright. If this is not the case and you still look into narrow pupils, then your counterpart is very angry. Extremely dilated pupils can also be a threat.

Due to the influence of light and dark, pupil size must always be considered in combination with other body signals. Observe your cat’s ears, whiskers, fur, and tail. Spoken language can also help to capture the mood.

Sign 4: The Spoken Language

Hissing and showing teeth or persistent growling are not good signs at all. Your cat feels threatened. Perhaps she also defends her prey or a toy very impressed with her voice. Now you shouldn’t take anything away from her or approach her unnecessarily.

Sign 5: The Cat’s Hump

The cat’s hump is a very clear sign of a cat’s bad mood. If your hair is standing up and your claws are extended, it’s not good to eat cherries with your darling.

Take this behavior as a threat and withdraw until your cat has relaxed a bit.

As a caring cat owner, you should pay close attention to your cat in different situations. In this way, you quickly learn to correctly interpret their mood and also become aware of changes in your cat’s behavior at an early stage. In this way, diseases can be detected and treated at an early stage.

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