Cats and Children: This Breed is Particularly Family-friendly

Are you considering buying a cat with your family? But because you have young children, don’t you know which cats would be good choices? Playful and serene cat breeds are best for family life.

If you are looking for a cat, you quickly only look at the outside: which coat color do I like and which kitty do I find particularly cute? Much more important than the appearance, however, should be whether the cat also suits you in terms of character. Especially if cats are to live in a household with children.

Because different cat breeds are characterized by different character traits. Some are calmer, others more energetic, some like to cuddle, others are more independent. It is therefore always a good idea to study the characteristics of the different breeds before purchasing a cat. So you can make sure that the kitty suits you and your life.

This is especially important for families because some cat breeds can cope better with the hustle and bustle than others. Of course, the children still have to learn how to treat the kitties appropriately. Parents should therefore not leave their offspring unattended with the cat.

Family-friendly Cat Breeds

Which cat breeds are particularly suitable for families with children? Teresa Keiger from the “Cat Fancier’s Association” recommends American or Exotic Shorthair, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, or Burmilla, among others. These cat breeds are considered playful, sociable, and easy-going – optimal qualities for getting along well with children.

Keiger also advises families to take an honest look at their own family life when looking for a suitable cat breed. What do the home, the lifestyle, and the family constellation look like? And which cat with which characteristics would go well with it? The advantage of pedigree cats is that most breeds have special temperament traits, she explains to the magazine “Catster”.

Not All Cats are Best for Children

Therefore, there are also certain cat breeds that do not go well with families with young children. For example, because they feel comfortable in quiet surroundings or because they need a lot of variety, care, and attention. Keiger cites Russian Blue, Turkish Angora, Cornish Rex, and Egyptian Mau as examples.

Before buying a cat, you should also find out about the needs of the respective cat and consider whether you can meet them. It can help to talk to competent and experienced breeders. They know exactly what life with the cat is like and can help decide whether it suits you and your family.

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