Cat Treats – The Delicious Snack For In Between

Of course, we humans don’t always want to eat the same thing either, and we look forward to a snack or two in between, regardless of whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips.

And that’s exactly what happens to our dear velvet paws. Of course, cats are also happy when they get something nice from their owner from time to time. However, treats are not just treats.

Many cat treats are anything but healthy and contain ingredients that make you fat quickly. In this article, you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying cat treats and what options you have.

Furthermore, we will show you in which situations the different versions of cat holders can be used.

Use treats as a reward

Treats are used by animals for different purposes. Especially when the animals are called and come or are supposed to learn tricks, the little treats are used as a reward. Animals then prefer to perform the required tricks directly and are more capable of learning. Even if you bring a new velvet paw into your home and the affected cat is still a bit anxious, cat treats are perfect for building trust and strengthening the bond between human and animal.

Treats to play with

As soon as you rustle with the snack box, your house tiger can hardly be stopped and will come running, no matter where they are. No wonder, because the different products often taste particularly delicious and are now available in numerous variations, so that they can be selected perfectly according to the individual taste of the cat. But when should this be given?

While some cat owners just give them or use them as rewards, the various treats can also be used while playing. The many different intelligence toys for cats are ideal for this. Depending on the product, these can be filled with cat treats.

The animals now have to solve different tasks, which have different levels of difficulty, in order to get the coveted content. For example, there are food balls that lose small bites as soon as they are rolled across the floor. There are also hide-and-seek toys that reward the cat for finding the treat. These different games are perfect for keeping cats busy when it comes to brains.

Games that are particularly popular are:

  • Feed balls to roll in different sizes and with different openings. These are also suitable for several cats at the same time and strain both the head and the body.
  • Food labyrinths with different hiding places for the snacks, which the cat has to track down.
  • These are even often available in different levels of difficulty, so that they can be used for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Laser pointers where the treat is used as a reward for “catching”.

Cat treats with additional functions

As already mentioned, there are a large number of different products in this area. Some just taste good and other variants have additional functions that you as the owner or the cat can benefit from. For example, there are cat treats that, in addition to the good taste, support the change of coat.

In addition, there are also versions that bundle the swallowed fur so that it can be excreted more easily, which is not wrong, especially with long-haired breeds such as Main Coons. On top of that, many manufacturer brands offer Dentasnacks, which, as the name suggests, supports the dental health of the animals. Depending on the design, these ensure that the dental plaque is removed when eating, so that the animals have fewer dental problems.

Pay attention to the perfect composition

When choosing cat treats, you should always pay attention to their composition. It is important to know that very few products are healthy. But on the contrary. Many articles from this area are anything but healthy and make you fat and sluggish. For this reason, it is very important that you pay attention to the different ingredients. So it is of course clear that sugar should be avoided. For this, you should use products that have a high meat content.

Fish treats are also healthy and are very popular with many cats. Grain, on the other hand, should be as little as possible. For cats that tend to be overweight, there are also treats that are suitable for this particular type of cat, and even little kittens under the age of one can be delighted with certain kitten snacks. Of course, there are sick animals again. Some cats, especially old ones, suffer from kidney failure or diabetes. This means that the animals are not allowed to consume as much protein and a complete change of diet must take place. However, this does not only apply to the main food, but also to the treats. But even for these animals, there are some possibilities.

What should and shouldn’t cat treats bring?

Positive ingredients negative ingredients
High meat content;

Ingredients to support dental health;

Protein (except in cats with renal insufficiency);

Ingredients that support the change of coat;

Ingredients that bundle the swallowed fur and promote elimination.




Too many chemicals.

Do not exaggerate!

Just as we humans shouldn’t eat and eat several bars of chocolate every day, you should also keep your cats in moderation and never overdo it with the treats. Do not give the animals a whole can at a time, but only a few pieces a day. Make sure that it doesn’t get too much and put the cat treats away afterward so that the cats can’t get their hands on it and possibly eat it all up.

Animals get very creative when it comes to acquiring treats. Cats that eat too many of these treats will quickly become overweight or no longer want to eat the normal food and thus become very choosy. However, it is not only sugar and the like that are unhealthy. You should even avoid an excess of vitamins, because your cat cannot process or absorb them all at once anyway. Some products therefore have a dosage recommendation that you should follow.

Leftovers are taboo

Of course, it’s very difficult to resist the hungry and begging cat stares when you’re sitting at the table enjoying dinner yourself. However, you really should only give your cat appropriate nutrition and not feed them off the table. This also means that you shouldn’t be giving any cat treats at this time.

On the one hand, your darling would then keep coming back begging and on the other hand, many foods that are tasty for the cat are unhealthy for the animals. They contain too much fat and often too many spices. So if you only use products that are made for cats, you also avoid the annoying begging, which can quickly become uncomfortable.

There are other goodies too

Of course, there is not only the possibility to feed the typical snacks from the discounter. It may seem a bit strange and strange at first, but rodents and other small animals are also perfect for feeding to your animals. These would also represent the diet of cats in the wild. For this reason, more and more cat owners decide to give their darlings a chick or a feeding mouse from time to time. Many pet stores sell these frozen so they can be thawed if needed. Of course, it’s a strange feeling, but your cat will thank you to the fullest. These particularly natural snacks not only invite you to play, which satisfies the natural hunting instinct, they are also particularly healthy and are therefore far ahead of other treats for cats.

In addition to the feed animals, many owners use the dry food as a treat. This contains many nutrients and should therefore also be part of the diet. Lots of pets love the kibble, so why not use it as a small snack or treat?


Ultimately, of course, you know best what your cat likes and doesn’t like. However, always make sure not to overdo it and stay strong even when your darling is looking at you with big cat eyes that are hard to resist. Because overfeeding is not doing your velvet paw any good, it quite the opposite. Affected animals can quickly become ill. You should also not overdo it to strengthen the bond, because even the newly acquired cat will gain trust in you, sometimes it just takes a little longer.

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