Cat Toys – What Is Needed?

Along with dogs, cats are one of the most popular pets people have. No wonder, because their very special character, the stubbornness, and the gentleness in combination with their elegant appearance make them particularly graceful animals.

If you buy one or even better several cats, you should make sure that everyday life is animal-friendly. In addition to high-quality food that is tailored to the needs of cats, much more is needed. Cats are the kind of animals that like to grab furniture when they are bored.

In addition, cats can even get sick. For this reason, it is important to always ensure that there is enough employment. You can find out what toys there are in this article.

Cat toys as far as the eye can see

Nowadays, of course, different companies have quickly noticed how important our own pets have become to us humans and that we are willing to spend a lot of money on their well-being and health. For this reason, the cat supplies market offers a particularly large selection of cat toys. For this reason, it is no longer so easy to find the right toy. Furthermore, the large selection also has advantages. As a cat owner, you can provide a lot of variety and offer your cat a colorful selection. We will now introduce the cat toy to you in more detail.

Balls – playing alone is fun too

Balls are not only very popular with dogs. They are also very popular with cats and are played with intensively. While there are some cat toys that can only be shared with the owner, cats with balls can also play alone.

Balls are made of many different materials, but you should make sure that they are stable and robust. Cats often play with your toys intensely, using their claws and teeth. Small parts that can be swallowed or toxic ingredients should therefore not be included. There are now special cat balls that have been specially made for these animals and their playing characteristics. In addition, there are the cat balls in all imaginable sizes and made of different materials.

You also get a wide range of designs when it comes to designs, so you can also take your own taste into account. Whether with knobs or without, with a rattle inside or a bell or a squeaky object, noises can also encourage the cat to play.

The Katzenangel – playing together with the owner

Cat rods are probably one of the best-known and most popular toys for our velvet paws. No wonder, because with this you can experience many great and funny moments together with your darling. A toy rod for cats is always constructed in the same way. Thus there is a staff held by the possessor to which a ribbon has been attached.

A toy now hangs on the band itself, which is usually elastic. Whether it’s a feather, a mouse, a bell, or other objects, moving the rod also moves the toy at the other end and encourages the cat to play or hunt.

Although fishing is a lot of fun for both parties, it also breaks quickly because the toy at the other end can quickly tear off during wild games. It is therefore also important to always stow away the cat rod after playing so that the cat cannot get to it.

Intelligence toys – the little brain also wants to work

Cats don’t just want to be physically busy. Brain work also plays an enormously important role for the velvet paws and should therefore not be forgotten under any circumstances. The market now offers a wide range of different intelligence toys for cats.

With these products, the cats have to do mental work, so that concentration, comprehension, and creativity are encouraged. These toys are particularly popular when the owners are at work, keeping the cats occupied during this time. Variants in which the cat has to get treats in different ways are best. Ambition remains awakened and giving up is generally out of the question for the animals.

Fortunately, the market now offers many different versions for cat owners, so that there is something suitable for every cat.

Play mice for cats – inexpensive and effective

Play mice can be bought in almost all pet shops and usually attract cats of all ages. The small fur toys stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct and are now available in many different versions. In addition to the ball, the play mice are part of the basic equipment of every cat owner and can also be available in multiple versions. However, they are not only very effective, but also particularly cheap to buy. Whether thrown by the owner or played with alone, play mice for cats offer a lot of possibilities and ensure that it doesn’t get boring so quickly.

The cat tunnel – so there is no boredom

Cat tunnels are generally also very popular with the animals and are played with intensively by cats of all ages. No wonder, because the different variants are now available in many different designs, so that the perfect cat tunnel can be found for every cat. Whether made of fabric or rustling materials, whatever you like is allowed.

However, it is important that you ensure that the tunnel has been well made and is made for cat play use, so it is a strong and durable product. Models that do not only consist of the tunnel alone are particularly popular. Variants that have built-in Raschel foil are particularly exciting for furry friends. But models that also have a hole in the ceiling are interesting and open up even more possibilities.

In addition, there are cat tunnels, which have been equipped with hanging cat toys both on the inside and on the outside. Cat tunnels are therefore not only suitable for playing together, but are also ideal for keeping the cat occupied when you are not there.

Scratching post – resting place and play oasis at the same time

Many cat owners not only use the scratching post to offer the animals an opportunity to intensively sharpen their claws or to treat themselves to a little rest in a cuddly place. In addition, many scratching posts are also converted into a play paradise by attaching or hiding different cat toys.

In this way, cats can combine climbing with playing, opening up completely new possibilities. Above all, hanging toys are well-suited here and are well-received by the cats. However, it is important to always choose a hanging toy that is attached to an elastic and stable band, otherwise, it would usually tear off too quickly.

Cat toy with valerian

Valerian has a very special effect on cats. While we humans calm down and calm down, for cats it is considered more of a stimulus. As if intoxicated, cats can gain completely new experiences with the valerian toy and are also encouraged to play. However, it is important to pack away this stimulating cat toy so that the animals cannot reach it.

Cartons and containers

You probably know the phenomenon that your cat has to jump in as soon as it sees an empty box. So why not use this drive? You can make lots of great things for your cat out of cardboard and your darling is guaranteed to be enthusiastic about it. Make two holes in the box, hang toys at the entrances or cover the interior with a cozy blanket. Get creative, your cat will love it.

Catnip toys

The play instinct of cats should never be neglected. However, some house tigers become very lazy over the years and prefer to enjoy peace and quiet. At some point, it can happen that the urge to play disappears completely and the cat hardly moves. You as the owner should now do something about it.

With the Catnip cat toy, also known as catnip, they are offered an ideal solution. These are stimulating toys that cats usually cannot resist. However, there are no longer only filled products. In addition, there is now the possibility to buy Catnip Spray. You can then spray this onto a selected toy to finally make it interesting for your cat again.

Scratching toys for cats

In addition to the typical scratching post, there are many other scratching products that can also serve as toys for your cats. These include, for example, scratch rollers or scratch barrels, which have several entrances and are often equipped with exciting toys. Scratch mats or small scratch balls are also offered by numerous manufacturer brands at already low prices. The individual variations are not only fun but are also good for caring for your darling’s claws.

Why do cats like to play?

Cats love to play, even into old age. This is basically a satisfaction of the needs that these animals have. The hunting instinct is satisfied in an uncomplicated way. Also, playing is very important training. Climbing and hunting are trained here. Without these qualities, feral cats would not survive in nature. For this reason, playing can be observed especially in small kittens, which are also encouraged to do so again and again by the mother. By playing, the cat gets rid of additional energy. In contrast to the wild cat, domestic cats do not hunt as much, so many animals can appear overexcited. Playing cats also like to relieve stress and at the end of the day appear much more relaxed and satisfied with themselves. In addition, cats that approach the day in a calm and relaxed manner tend to lie around a lot and often doze off to be overweight. Which toys the animals like to play with is a matter of taste. Of course, it also happens that your darling loved the ball yesterday and doesn’t touch it anymore this morning. For this reason, it is advisable to provide several toys to ensure a colorful variety.


Try to set aside time each day to play with your cat. This is particularly important for velvet paws who cannot go outside. In this way, you can not only ensure a great bond between you and your darling but also give your cat physical exertion so that it feels completely comfortable. A colorful selection ensures that it never gets boring and the large product range of different cat toys guarantees that there is something suitable for every taste.

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