Cat Names From A To Z

From Aimee to Zora, we present popular female cat names here. An inspirational list for all cat fans.

Cats may not care too much about their names, but pet owners do. If you are also looking for pet names for your kitten, then you can look at particularly popular names for your cat here. You are sure to like one of the cat names for your darling.

Popular cat names: perennial favorites and trends

There are many cat names. Like human names, they are a little subject to fashion. For some years now, Mia and Luna have been the main female cats. The name Miezi is still a perennial favorite for female cats and the name Felix for male cats – and these cat names have been around since grandmother’s times.

Cat owners are increasingly naming their pets after culinary delicacies such as muffins or cookies. Well-known brand names like Chanel and Gucci are also enjoying renewed popularity as cat names.

Cat names ending in an I preferred

Cat owners should address their cat by its name right from the start. In this way, the house tiger quickly learns that it is his name. Whether he always listens to it is, of course, another question.

However, it is helpful if the name ends with me and consists of only 2 to 3 syllables. The fur noses react better to such cat names.

If you have bought a kitten from a breeder, it usually already has a name. It is often longer than 3 syllables and does not end with i. You can then give the new resident a name of your choice. See female animal name ideas below.

Mia and Luna in particular have been popular for female cats for a number of years. Another alternative is to shorten the existing name to a nickname. Example: Felicitas becomes Feli. For some years now, Mia and Luna have been the main female cats.

A selection of popular cat names from A to Z

A: Aimée, Aisha, Akira, Alina, Alisha, Amalia, Arabella, Asina, Aurelia, Aurora

B: Babette, Babsi, Bagira, Bambi, Beauty, Bella, Belle, Berta, Bibi, Bijou, Blanca, Bonita, Bonnie

C: Camilla, Cassy, ​​Celine, Chane, Cher, Chérie, Chica, Cilia, Cindy, Comtessa, Cookie, Cosi, Crystal

D: Daggy, Daisy, Dalia, Darling, Diamond, Diana, Dina, Diva, Dolly, Donna, Dunja

E: Eileen, Elfie, Eliza, Ellie, Elsie, Emmi, Esmeralda, Estella, Eva

F: Fabia, Fanny, Fay, Fee, Felicitas, Fenja, Finja, Fiona, Fleur, Florentina, Funny

G: Geisha, Gigi, Gina, Gipsy, Goldie, Graziella, Greta, Gucci

H: Happy, Harmony, Hazelnut, Helena, Hermina, Hillary, Honey

I: Ida, Ina, Indira, Isi, Isabel, Isabella, Isolde

J: Jade, Jamila, Jana, Jenny, Jodie, Josi, Joy, Juno

K: Kaira, Kalinka, Käthe, Kelly, Kerry, Kiara, Kira, Kiki, Kimmi, Kitty, Cleopatra

L: Lady, Lara, Larissa, Leilah, Lia, Liberty, Lilly, Lima, Livia, Lizzy, Lolita, Lulu, Lucy, Luna

M: Madonna, Marisol, Mariella, Marusha, Marylin, Marylou, Mausi, Melody, Mia, Miezi, Mimi, Minnie, Miss Marple, Momo, Mona Lisa, Moneypenny, Muffin, Pussy, Milady

N: Nala, Nancy, Naomi, Nelli, Nena, Nikita, Nini, Nora

O: Odessa, Olivia, Olympia, Orchid

P: Patsy, Patty, Pearl, Penny, Pepita, Pia, Polly, Princess, Dot, Pussy

Q: Queen, Queenie, Quenby

R: Romina, Ronja, Rosa, Rosalie, Rosie

S: Sally, Saphira, Sara, Snow White, Shakira, Shirley, Sissi, Snowy, Sternchen, Sunny, Sweety

T: Tabby, Tammi, Tessie, Tiffany, Tigerlilly, Tiny, Tipsy, Trixie, Trudie

U: Undine, Urania, Uschi, Utopia

V: Valentina, Valerie, Vamp, Vanilla, Vicky, Viola, Violet

W: Wanda, Wendy, Whitney, Wilmer, Wuschi

X: Xandra, Xandy, Xena, Xenia

Y: Yin, Yoko, Yvette

Z: Zarah, Zia, Zillah, Zora

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