Cat Has Bad Breath: Possible Causes

Cats’ breath doesn’t usually smell like rose petals, but a bad breath in and of itself isn’t a cause for concern. However, if the furry nose sniffs out of its mouth not only after cat food, the bad smell can be a symptom of an illness. What are the causes behind cat bad breath?

The cat yawns heartily and you have to hold your breath because it has bad breath? Unfortunately, this is not always something to be trifled with, because dental problems or illnesses can be the causes of stinky breath.

Cat Food Can Cause Bad Breath

Because a cat doesn’t brush its teeth after every meal, it will develop bad breath over time. However, as long as this only reminds you of the smell of cat food, the kitty is healthy. Try to give your cat a little dental care every now and then, always provide fresh water and switch to higher-quality cat food if necessary. This way you can relieve your kitty’s stinky mouth.

Dental Problems as Causes of Bad Breath

Regular dental care has another advantage: you can recognize at an early stage if the cat has a bad tooth or an infection in its mouth. If not only the cat food can be recognized in the feline bad breath, but another, nasty stench mixes in with it, tooth or gum problems are often the causes. Even if the fur nose does not usually have a noticeable bad breath and this changes without you giving it any other food, this can be an indication of diseases in the mouth. A visit to the veterinarian is recommended in this case to clarify the exact causes.

Kittens between the ages of four and seven months gradually lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth during this time. This can lead to gum inflammation, which causes bad breath. Tartar and tooth decay can also be behind bad cat breath. Sometimes, however, the teeth or gums are not directly to blame, but the throat has become inflamed. In some cases, the stench indicates an unrecognized oral tumor or abscess.

Bad Breath as a Disease Symptom

An unusual and very strong odor from the mouth can also indicate various organ or metabolic diseases. The oily, bilious stench, for example, is a symptom of gastrointestinal problems. Renal insufficiency can also make itself felt through bad breath. A sweet smell from the cat’s mouth, on the other hand, can be caused by diabetes. Either way, a visit to the vet is always advisable.

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