Cat Furniture – Cats Really Need That

Cats are among the animals that place high demands on their environment. With these wonderful creatures, it is about much more than just a species-appropriate and healthy diet.

Depending on whether it is a cat that can always go outside when it wants to or a purely house cat, you as the owner should make different cat products available.

Not only toys are needed to take away the boredom of the animals and to strengthen the bond between humans and animals, special cat furniture should not be missing in a household with velvet paws. You can find out what these are in this article.

A large variety of different cat furniture

There is now a particularly large selection of different cat furniture. These are sometimes more and sometimes less needed by the cats. Thus, some models are no longer purely functional.

For cat owners, logically, the design also plays an important role. No wonder, because the individual pieces of furniture for the dear pet should ultimately also be set up close to people and will in future be an integral part of the furniture.

Find out below which furniture is particularly useful for cats:

The individual cat furniture at a glance:

  • cat tree;
  • snuggle basket;
  • litter box;
  • Feeding and drinking bowl;
  • scratching furniture.

The scratching post

The scratching post is probably the most important piece of furniture for a cat. It does not matter whether it is an outdoor cat or a purely indoor cat. Cats need and want to wear down their claws. If you don’t provide any scratching furniture, cats have no other option and will often use carpets or even your expensive furniture. Scratching posts are ideal for claw care. There is now a particularly large selection of different models, which, in addition to the scratching function, also offer snuggling places or play options, so that they have several functions directly. A scratching post should therefore be found in every cat household.

When buying a scratching post, you should make sure that it fits your cat. While the normal scratching posts also fit the typical house cats, there are also cat breeds that reach a much larger body size and therefore weigh a lot more. Maine Coons and Co. should therefore be a particularly stable model that can also be attached to the wall. If there are several cats, it is also important that there is space for all the animals at the same time. This also means that if there is a cave, there should also be several cuddling places available so that every cat has one and no arguments arise.

A cat bed or snuggle basket

Every cat wants to retreat to its own quiet place from time to time. Rest or take a nap. Most cats use cozy cat baskets or snuggle beds, which are available in a wide variety. However, each cat should have its own space, which has been adapted to the preferences and needs of the animals.

Cuddly caves are also usually very popular with house tigers. These usually have an input or output. Inside it is nice and cozy and the animals can relax. Through the one entrance, cats also have everything in view and don’t have to worry about being disturbed or startled from behind. Many cats, therefore, love to simply retreat to a place where they are really quiet. As the owner, you should therefore make sure that the cats decide for themselves where they want their favorite place to be in the future. The basket can now be placed here.

The litter box

Of course, the litter box should not be missing either and, like the rest of the cat furniture, should be adapted to the needs and preferences of the animals. While some cats like their litter boxes completely freestanding, other animals prefer to have a hood over them to retreat to for business. These models also have the advantage that the cat litter does not fly out of the litter box when digging and scratching. The environment is always nice and clean. So if the cat is new to the family, it’s a good idea to experiment with something that the new family member likes. As a rule, cat owners should choose a model with a hood, which can be easily removed if necessary.

Feeding and drinking bowls

The feeding and drinking bowls are of course also part of the cat’s equipment. It is advisable to choose models that are stable and easy to clean. Many cat owners therefore use ceramic food bowls. Not only are these heavy in their own right and stay in place, but they look great too. Owners who are rarely at home and still want to offer their animals a fixed routine can use automatic feeders and drinkers, which release a selected feed ration at set times. Drinking machines, on the other hand, ensure that the water is in motion and therefore always fresh.

Different scratching furniture

In addition to the typical scratching post, there are many other types of scratching furniture that are usually well received by the cats and are therefore used in a variety of ways. Here, for example, there are simple scratching boards with different dimensions. These can be placed or laid down anywhere. They are used solely to care for cats’ claws and are occasionally also provided with a small toy to encourage the cats to use them. In addition to scratching boards, there are also scratching rollers and scratching caves. These often have integrated sleeping or snuggling place or play facilities. There should be enough scratching furniture available so that the cat can use it at any time. You also have the opportunity to protect your furniture from animals.


If you want to get a cat, you should always be aware of the obligations you take on and are given. In addition to the responsibility for optimal nutrition, there are also plenty of purchases to make.

If you are planning to buy a cat, it is best to get the individual cat furniture before you move in, so that all important items are available and can be used extensively. This not only protects your furniture. In addition, your new family member will feel completely comfortable. Also, it’s a fact that cats hate change, which includes changing their environment.

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