Care and Health of the Norwich Terrier

The little Norwich Terrier is definitely easy to care for. Its coat consists of a layer of wiry and soft top hair. Underneath is the undercoat and dense undercoat. Regular combing and plucking out loose hair is usually enough to care for the fur and keep your home free of hair.

You should do this about every two weeks. The style of the dogs should remain as natural as possible. So they continue to be reminiscent of the original working terriers.

Since the small Norwich Terrier gives off a lot of heat over its relatively large body area, it has an increased energy requirement and a high fiber turnover. Therefore, he needs special food that offers him enough nutrients.

There is special dog food that is made especially for small dog breeds and also does justice to their small mouths. If you feed your terrier smaller portions several times a day, you will also do justice to his stomach.

Note: Even if Norwich Terriers are described as extremely robust, small animals can suffer from certain diseases.

The breed can sometimes suffer from epileptic seizures. However, the occurrence has been reduced in recent years through selection in breeding.

Norwich Terriers can also suffer from Upper Airway Syndrome (OLS). This is the result of breeding to have a short muzzle. This unhealthy development impedes the flow of air in dogs.

Some forms remain harmless, while others can have serious consequences. That is why many Norwich Terrier breeders have their parents checked by a doctor. This is how they ensure that the boys stay healthy.

It is best to ask your breeder how he deals with epilepsy or OLS and how he avoids these diseases. A reputable breeder who cares about the welfare of his animals will be happy to answer your questions openly.

A perfectly healthy Norwich Terrier can live up to 12 to 14 years.

Note: When grooming a Norwich Terrier, it should only be trimmed and not clipped. Trimming just plucks out loose hair, which suits a natural Norwich style. If the dogs are clipped, their fur will only look beautiful for the moment. They quickly lose their color and their fur becomes soft and curly.

Activities with the Norwich Terrier

The eager Norwich Terriers are very active and enjoy any activity in the fresh air. Due to their short legs, even short laps through the park are enough.

But the brave terrier can also manage longer walks or hikes. Just be prepared for extensive sniffing sessions. The mini dog is not very suitable as a companion for jogging or cycling.

You should keep an eye on your dog, especially in the woods and meadows. The little hunters’ hunting instinct can quickly kick in when they catch a squirrel. Good training is all the more important if you want to walk your dog without a leash.

With obedience or agility, you can make your dog even happier. The energetic terriers also have a lot of fun learning little tricks.

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