Care and Health of the Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terriers are very hardy and long-lived. With good care and a balanced diet, they can live up to 16 years. A vet is usually only visited if the dog needs vaccinations or regular check-ups.

Grooming: Trimming

The wiry and water-repellent fur is generally very easy to care for. From around the age of 18 months, the Lakeland Terrier’s coat needs to be trimmed regularly. Depending on how mature the coat is over time, the dog should be trimmed every three to four months. Trimming can be done at the breeder’s, groomer’s, or even yourself.

Old hair is plucked out of the fur of your four-legged friend with the help of a trimming knife. The sensitive areas such as the face, legs, and bottom are treated with scissors. Trimming not only gives the dog a breed-typical appearance but also has a very relieving effect. When you go to a dog groomer, you should make sure that the Lakeland Terrier is not clipped.

The old fur must be removed regularly. If the coat is too old, the new coat can’t grow back as well and it can cause itching.


For a permanently positive development of the Lakeland Terrier, you should pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet. You adapt this to the activity level of the dog.

In itself, the Lakeland Terrier is very easy to handle in terms of nutrition, as it is not prone to allergies or intolerances. He also has no ambitions to become overweight. The amounts of food are usually quite small. You have the option to feed the dog with dry food, wet food, or BARF. Make sure the feed has a high-quality meat content and all the necessary nutrients.


There are some hereditary conditions that can occur in the terrier. Purchasing from a breeder can minimize the risk of disease. This is made possible by responsible breeding and written proof of healthy parent dogs.

The breed-specific diseases of a terrier (ataxia, myelopathy, atopy, dermatophytosis, or a patella luxaton) are extremely rare or not known in the Lakeland Terrier.

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