Care and Health of the Borzoi

Here we show you the most important points that you should consider when caring for and keeping a borzoi healthy.


The long fine hair of the borzoi needs regular grooming. At least once a week you should brush the coat well to remove dirt and dead hair. A needle or comb brush for dogs is recommended here.

The hair itself is relatively self-cleaning. When brushing, the dried dirt falls out. Be careful not to bathe your dog too often, as this can destroy this natural protective layer.

About once a year, during the change of fur, it is recommended to brush the fur as daily as possible. Here the dog loses a lot of fur for several weeks.

In addition to checking the ears, care should be taken to regularly trim the claws, if necessary.


When feeding, borzoi tends to eat less than their size would suggest. They are often rather fussy eaters and sometimes leave a less good treat behind. Therefore, make sure that you give your dog high-quality food that is tailored to the age, size, and activity level of your dog.

Borzoi can also be prone to obesity. If you have a food-loving dog, pay attention to a balanced relationship between food and exercise, as well as appropriate treats.

Like many large dog breeds, the borzoi tends to have an upset stomach. So let him rest for a while after eating to reduce the risk of it.

Possible diseases

A susceptibility to DCM can be mentioned in some breeding lines as a breed-typical disease. DCM stands for dilated cardiomyopathy and is damage to the heart muscle that impairs its performance.

In rare cases, the MDR1 defect also occurs in the Borzoi breed. This is a genetic defect that can lead to hypersensitivity to the medication. Malignant tumors and cardiovascular diseases have occurred more frequently in recent years.

Like most sighthounds, borzois are generally quite sensitive. This can affect anesthesia, for example, or lead to an overreaction to flea remedies.

Activities with the borzoi

Even though he may be a quiet fellow indoors, the borzoi is a real bundle of energy outside that needs to be kept busy. In addition to long walks or playing with other dog friends who love to run, there are some activities that are particularly well-tailored to the borzoi.


Coursing, for example, is a good way to let your dog live out its hunting instinct. This is a kind of greyhound race in which a visual hunt is simulated. The escape route of a rabbit is recreated and marked out in a zigzag course in the open area. An artificial rabbit (lure made of plastic strips) is then pulled through this course, which the dogs chase after.

With this sport, the borzoi can live out its innate joy of running and its hunting instinct in a controlled manner.

Borzoi racing

In the classic greyhound race, the dogs start out of a box. They run on a fixed track of grass or sand and follow a dummy pulled in front of them. Speed ​​is what counts here.

Tip: In general, you can choose from a variety of activities and sports with your dog. Just focus on what you and your dog enjoy the most. Find out what is on offer in your area and attend a trial lesson.

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