Care and Health of a South Russian Ovcharka

In the following sections, we will deal with the health and nutrition of this four-legged friend. Because there are a few things to consider here too.


In principle, no hereditary diseases are known for this breed.

However, should illnesses occur, they can usually be traced back to the poor posture of the four-legged friend.


You should feed your puppy high-calorie food for the first 1.5 years. This is especially important during the growth phase.

Important! However, you should generally avoid being overweight in all dog breeds, as this can damage the joints.


The coat of the “South Russian” sheds very quickly and a lot, so it has to be combed through regularly. Because the white hair is difficult to remove in the apartment.

Tip: If the hair gets knotted, you can simply remove it with scissors.

Showers are only necessary if the fur is dirty.

Activities with the South Russian Ovcharka

Since the South Russian Ovcharka originally belongs to the shepherd dogs, it is important to give him meaningful tasks. If he can’t do his usual job, you should make up for it.

The South Russian Ovcharka needs a lot of exercises, so long, extended walks through a familiar area are a very important balance.

Other activities include:

  • hidden objects;
  • fetch games;
  • dog school;
  • let them move freely in the house.
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