Can Our Dogs Eat Pomelo?

You’ve just peeled a pomelo and your dog is waiting for a slice of citrus fruit in front of you?

Now you’re probably asking yourself the question: Can my dog eat pomelo at all? Very good, because the question is justified!

In a nutshell: can my dog eat pomelo?

Yes! Your dog can eat pomelo. BUT, if your dog needs to be on medication, there’s something important to remember! If the dog eats large amounts of pomelos, it can lead to undesirable consequences.

The reason is the bitter substances naringin contained in the pomelo, which can lead to a rapid drop in blood pressure. The drug is also broken down more quickly in the liver by the naringin, which in the worst case can have a fatal effect on your dog.

Is your dog on medication? To be on the safe side, do NOT give him a pomelo!

If your dog is healthy, he can eat your pomelo without hesitation.

Are Pomelos Healthy For Dogs?

Pomelos are all-rounders. They are not only eaten with pleasure by most dogs, but also convince with positive properties such as:

  • High content of vitamin C
  • Lots of B vitamins
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • phosphate
  • Extremely low in calories
  • High in fiber
  • Diuretic

If your dog is healthy and doesn’t need any medication, it’s safe to eat pomelo.

Already knew?

A vitamin deficiency in dogs is also reflected, among other things, in a higher susceptibility to stress.

How Much Pomelo Can My Dog Eat?

If my dog ​​had his way, his meals would consist mostly of pomelos. Nevertheless, it is advisable to feed this fruit in moderation.

Since the pomelo is a citrus fruit, the peel is not edible for your dog. In contrast to lemons and grapefruit, pomelos have a lower acid content and are therefore better tolerated.

Attention danger!

If your dog eats too much pomelo at once, it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

It’s best to start with a small piece and see how he tolerates it. Remember, lust is often greater than reason, so even if your dog wants more, be careful at first!

What parts of the pomelo can I give my dog?

Quite simply, whatever you eat. The skin is inedible for humans and animals due to the amount of essential oils it contains, the skin contains many bitter substances and should be removed before consumption.

Don’t let your dog play with a pomelo, even though it rolls around the room so well. There are dogs that can have an allergic reaction to the essential oils it contains.

Good to know:

Pomelo seeds do not contain hydrocyanic acid, but cannot be digested by your dog. It is therefore an advantage if you remove the cores beforehand.

Pomelo: healthy yet deadly

As previously mentioned, feeding pomelo along with medication can be deadly for your dog.

The naringin contained in pomelo inhibits the enzymes that break down the drugs. Normally, the drugs are broken down before they enter the body.

By feeding pomelo, the enzymes are busy breaking down the naringin and the active ingredients of the drug enter the bloodstream unfiltered. This can result in an overdose of the medication.

Attention danger!

Your dog is on medication, not sure if he can eat pomelo?

Please consult your veterinarian first. Not all medications are incompatible with Pomelo. Your dog’s health is our top priority!

Pomelo against urinary tract infections and struvite stones?

The dog has a bladder infection or stones in the bladder and you want to support it with an old home remedy?

Pomelo helps! Just a few slices not only provide a powerful boost of vitamins and minerals, but also have a diuretic effect!

You can either enhance the meal with pomelo carvings, or if your dog likes it, offer a little juice from the fruit.

In a nutshell: can dogs eat pomelo?

If your dog is taking medication, Pomelo is unsuitable for him.

If your dog is healthy, there is nothing wrong with giving Pomelo. On the contrary: fed moderately, the pomelo is a super fruit for your dog.

Do you have questions or are you unsure whether Pomelo is suitable for your dog?

Just write us a comment under this article.

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