Can My Dog Eat Cottage Cheese?

What we like to eat, we usually want to share with our dogs. It is therefore important to deal with a species-appropriate diet for our favorite four-legged friends.

What about cottage cheese?

This treat is also called Cottage Cheese or Grainy Cream Cheese.

Wondering if dogs can eat cottage cheese? Is cottage cheese healthy for dogs and how often can I feed my dog cottage cheese?

Questions over questions and we clarify! In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about feeding cottage cheese to your dog.

In a nutshell: Can my dog eat cottage cheese?

Yes, dogs can eat cottage cheese! Grainy cream cheese provides high-quality animal protein in large quantities. However, cottage cheese also contains lactose, which not all dogs tolerate. It is advisable to clarify feeding with a veterinarian or as part of a dog nutritional consultation.

Is cottage cheese healthy for dogs?

Yes, cottage cheese is very healthy for dogs.

It contains little fat and plenty of protein. In addition, granular cream cheese contains comparatively little lactose and is now also available lactose-free.

Cottage cheese can have a positive effect on our dogs’ digestion.

How Much Cottage Cheese Can My Dog Eat?

As a responsible dog owner, you only feed your dog cottage cheese occasionally and in moderate amounts. Cottage cheese is not a main ingredient in the diet of our four-legged friends.

So cottage cheese shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your daily food intake.

Attention danger!

If your dog has never tried cottage cheese, only give him a small tasting portion at first. Some dogs do not tolerate lactose very well. Observe how your dog is doing in the 24 hours after feeding and whether he develops abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhea. If that’s the case, you’d better skip the cottage cheese.

Can puppies eat cottage cheese?

Yes, puppies can eat cottage cheese too.

An intolerance to lactose usually only develops as the dog gets older.

The high-quality animal protein and the calcium and vitamin D it contains are extremely beneficial for growing puppies!

Can I mix dry food with cottage cheese?

Yes, you can. It’s a welcome change from dry crunchy for sure.

Is cottage cheese suitable as a light food?

Yes, cottage cheese makes a great bland diet!

It is low in fat and calories and easily digestible for dogs.

The light food meal is perfect with a quartet of cooked chicken, rice, cottage cheese and mashed carrots.

Does cottage cheese help with diarrhea and giardia?

Yes, cottage cheese has been scientifically proven to neutralize the bad bacteria in your gut. Accordingly, it can also help with diarrhea and support the digestive tract in the long term.

If your dog suffers from giardia, you can also feed him cottage cheese. Giardia love carbohydrates, which is why a low-carb diet is beneficial here.

And what about herder’s cheese and other cream cheeses?

Shepherd’s cheese is made from cow’s milk and bathed in brine during manufacture. This gives it its special taste – but it is also the reason why dogs are not allowed to eat it!

Other types of cream cheese are also not suitable for feeding your dog. It’s best to limit yourself to cottage cheese and occasionally a little hard cheese as a special snack.


Because most types of cream cheese contain a high proportion of lactose and require significantly more fat than our dogs. The top no-go cream cheeses are ricotta and mascarpone.

This is important when feeding your dog cottage cheese

Actually, you can hardly go wrong with feeding cottage cheese. You can feed it to your dog without hesitation if it tolerates the small amounts of lactose it contains well.

Even puppies can benefit from the positive properties of granular cream cheese.

Cottage cheese also makes a great bland diet paired with cooked chicken, rice, and carrots!

Do you still have questions about feeding cottage cheese? Then please write us a comment under this article.

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