Can Dogs Eat Red Cabbage?

Red cabbage is a typical winter vegetable. With its many nutrients and vitamins, you may be tempted to give your dog red cabbage.

But is that a good idea?


Raw red cabbage can be dangerous for dogs

If red cabbage is fed raw, it can be very dangerous for your dog. Since red cabbage is one of the types of cabbage, it can lead to serious gastrointestinal problems.

Cabbage causes severe flatulence. In connection with the dangerous torsion of the stomach, this can become a problem.

It is ideal if you briefly steam the red cabbage and then puree it. So the vegetables are optimally tolerated by your dog and are also healthy.

When preparing, also avoid the obligatory spices. It is not a problem if there is a hint of cinnamon or cloves. But it shouldn’t be too much of it.

Also, keep this in mind if you want to offer your dog the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

Red cabbage is available throughout the year

As soon as the temperatures get colder again, cabbage varieties are on the menu.

Red cabbage is available all year round. It can be found fresh and young on the shelves from June, then the summer and autumn varieties will follow.

Cabbage, which can be bought the rest of the year, follows from autumn. This means that typical culinary delicacies are coming our way. For example, venison is very often served with red cabbage.

This winter vegetable is very popular with humans. Just think of the combination with wonderfully fragrant spices, orangesapples or steamed in red wine.

Red cabbage is not only a treat for the palate, but also provides important nutrients and vitamins.

That sounds good to humans. We should better withhold this specialty from dogs.

As the name suggests, red cabbage is a cabbage vegetable. It has firm heads with smooth inner leaves and red-green outer leaves. Particularly beautiful and good red cabbage comes from the North Sea coast.

Maximum fresh red cabbage suitable for dogs

If you want to mix red cabbage with your dog’s food, make sure it’s fresh. You can recognize fresh red cabbage by its firm and strong leaves.

You can store the vegetables in the fridge for up to 14 days. You can also prepare the red cabbage and freeze it.

Pickled red cabbage is not suitable for dogs.

What to do if my dog ​​ate raw red cabbage?

Dogs don’t usually want raw red cabbage. But it happens again and again that a particularly gluttonous fellow does not stick to it.

If your dog has eaten a large amount of raw red cabbage, you should keep a close eye on the dog. In an emergency, go to your vet immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

What happens when dogs eat cabbage?

Feeding raw cabbage can cause bloating and stomach cramps in your dog because the disaccharides it contains are difficult to digest.

Is pointed cabbage harmful to dogs?

Dogs are allowed to eat cabbage but only in small amounts and only cooked cabbage. Raw cabbage contains thiocyanate. This substance suppresses the function of the thyroid gland. Thiocyanate can cause your dog to develop hypothyroidism.

Can a dog eat Chinese cabbage?

Chinese cabbage or Japanese cabbage is not an “ordinary” type of cabbage. In contrast to other types of cabbage, it does not cause flatulence due to the mustard oils it contains and is therefore particularly well tolerated by your dog. It also contains protein, minerals, and lots of vitamin C!

Which vegetables are healthy for the dog?

Furthermore, the following vegetables are considered particularly well tolerated by dogs: Chinese cabbage. Potatoes. Kohlrabi.

Is boiled rice good for dogs?

Yes! Rice, a popular staple food, can actually be eaten by dogs. In theory, a dog could even eat rice every day. If a bland diet has been prescribed for a dog, rice is even ideal.

Which is better for the dog rice or potatoes?

In addition to potatoes, you can also feed them peeled and boiled sweet potatoes. Of course, the carbohydrate sources most commonly used by humans are also suitable for dogs: rice and pasta. Rice is often used for gastrointestinal problems because it is easily digestible and therefore well tolerated.

Is cheese healthy for dogs?

Low-fat, low-lactose, and lactose-free cheeses can be fed to dogs as treats. Hard cheese and semi-hard cheese are particularly easy to digest and suitable due to their easy portioning.

Is egg good for the dog?company

If the egg is fresh, you can also feed the nutrient-rich egg yolk raw. Boiled eggs, on the other hand, are healthy for your four-legged friend because the harmful substances are broken down when heated. A good source of minerals is the shells of eggs.

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