Can Dogs Eat Persimmons?

Fruit is healthy and you should give it to your dog now and then as a dietary supplement. With so many types of fruit available in our shops and markets today, we are spoiled for choice.

Not all of these types of fruit are suitable as food for your dog. Some are healthy, while others are even poisonous. Especially with exotic varieties, there is always uncertainty among dog owners. One of these tropical fruits is persimmon.

Is persimmon good for dogs?

In principle, dogs are allowed to eat persimmonsThe vitamins and minerals it contains, as well as the roughage, are healthy for your darling. However, you may only feed persimmons in very small amounts. Because the high sugar content is not ideal for your furry friend.

Some dogs do not appreciate the taste of persimmons and spurn them. This is probably due to the tannin it contains. Because a high tannin content makes for a sometimes unpleasant and tart taste. The tannin content of persimmons is significantly higher the more unripe the fruit is.

Your dog usually likes well-ripened, sweet fruit.

Difference between persimmon, persimmon, and Sharon fruit?

At first glance, a persimmon almost looks like a large orange tomato. The persimmon is about five to eight centimeters tall and can be round or oval. Popular cultivated forms of kaki are the Sharon fruit and the persimmon :

  • persimmon
  • sharon fruit
  • honey apple

All fruits differ in size and color. For example, persimmon and persimmon are darker than the seedless Sharon fruit. In addition, the Sharon contains less tannin than the other types and therefore tastes milder.

The persimmon grows on the tree of the same name ( Diospyros kaki ), which belongs to the ebony family. Around 500 different types of fruit are known. They all grow in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Persimmon fruit contains a lot of sugar

Persimmons have been cultivated in China for more than 2,000 years. The country is still one of the eleven countries that grow kakis.

Some of the growing areas for kaki are in Europe. For example, kakis come from the area around Valencia in Spain. The Sharon fruit, on the other hand, is grown in Israel and Italy.

Persimmon contains a large amount of pro-vitamin A. It is also rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. However, their content of other vitamins such as vitamin B6 and minerals is manageable.

The fruits contain around 13 to 19 percent glucose.

Buy and prepare persimmons

Persimmons are available in Central Europe between October and December. When buying, make sure that the fruit is undamaged. They should be well ripe and give slightly when pressed.

Avoid fruits that are too soft or have dark bruises. You have to process persimmons quickly. The cultivated forms Sharon and Persimmon keep much longer in the refrigerator.

For your dog, wash the persimmons thoroughly. You only have to remove the peel from the unripe fruit. Your dog can eat small pieces of fruit as a snack.

Cut the persimmons into small pieces and steam the fruit in a little water. You can also finely puree the persimmons in a blender and add them to your dog’s food.

Is persimmon healthy for dogs?

The persimmon is an exotic fruit that your four-legged friend is welcome to eat. However, this is by no means necessary.

Other fruits have significantly higher levels of essential nutrients and contain less sugar. In addition, in contrast to other types of fruit, kaki is rather expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fruit can a dog eat?

Pears and apples are particularly healthy fruits for dogs, as they ensure balanced digestion with a high proportion of vitamins and the dietary fiber pectin. Pineapple and papaya are also well tolerated due to their enzymes. Most nuts are well tolerated by dogs.

Can dogs eat Sharon?

Yes, dogs can eat persimmons provided they can tolerate the fruit. It is also important that you properly separate the pulp from the seeds.

Can a dog eat kiwi?

Clear answer: yes, dogs can eat kiwi. Kiwi is a relatively unproblematic fruit for dogs. Like other fruits, however, kiwi should only be fed as a treat, i.e. not in large quantities.

Can a dog eat strawberries?

To answer the question directly: dogs are allowed to eat strawberries. Because the red fruits have many valuable nutrients and can spice up the dog’s daily menu. You can give your dog strawberries either directly as a whole fruit or mix them with the food.

Can a dog eat raspberries?

Raspberries are also completely harmless to dogs. They are not only intended as a sweet treat but are also known for their many health-promoting active ingredients. Raspberries are rich in vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Can a dog eat potatoes?

Boiled potatoes are harmless and even very healthy for your furry friend. Raw potatoes, on the other hand, must not be fed. The green parts of tomatoes and Co. contain a lot of solanine and are therefore particularly harmful.

Are carrots good for dogs?

Carrots: are well tolerated by most dogs and can be fed raw, grated, boiled, or steamed. They provide the dog with a large portion of beta-carotene, which has a positive effect on the health of the eyesight, skin, and hair.

Is egg good for the dog?

If the egg is fresh, you can also feed the nutrient-rich yolk raw. Boiled eggs, on the other hand, are healthy for your four-legged friend because the harmful substances are broken down when heated. A good source of minerals is the shells of eggs.


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