Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Feeding your dog chicken sounds plausible and species-appropriate. After all, the little flappers absolutely belong in the prey scheme of our carnivores.

But can dogs eat chicken without hesitation?

You probably already know that the processing of raw meat requires special care. In this article you will find out why this is the case and what you should consider when feeding chicken.

In a nutshell: Can my dog eat chicken?

Yes, dogs can eat chicken! However, raw chicken meat can contain bacteria such as salmonella, camylobacter or ESBL (extended spectrum beta-lactamase) bacteria, which can make your dog uncomfortable. Cooked chicken is less dangerous and tastes just as good for your dog.

Is chicken meat dangerous for dogs?

No, in principle chicken meat is not dangerous for dogs.

However, there is a danger hidden in the wrong storage and processing of the sensitive meat. So you absolutely have to pay attention to an uninterrupted cold chain and may only feed fresh meat.

Surfaces and bowls should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after contact with raw chicken meat!

Attention danger!

Raw chicken bones can also be dangerous for your dog. Since chicken bones are filled with air, they splinter very easily and can seriously injure your dog. Accordingly, the bones of the chicken are not for your dog but for the organic waste throat!

How can I feed my dog chicken?

For safe handling of raw chicken, you should observe the following feeding instructions:

  • only feed fresh meat
  • at best you buy organic chicken
  • keep the cold chain conscientiously

If you’re cooking the chicken for your dog, you’ll need to remove the bones first, as cooking will soften them and cause them to splinter even more easily.

You are welcome to feed your dog chicken every day.

However, a varied diet consists of different animal proteins and vegetable components in the form of fruit and vegetables.

Chicken breast, neck, leg – which parts are suitable?

All parts of the chicken are suitable for your dog’s diet.

While chicken breast and thighs are mainly used for human consumption, the dog food industry also uses backs, collars, offal, necks and feet.


Chicken necks and chicken feet are particularly popular as dried chews. You can find them in any well stocked bird feeder. Always make sure to buy natural chews.

Can dogs eat fried chicken?

Yes, they may However, important nutrients are lost during frying.

If you want to offer your dog some variety in the form of fried chicken, you should definitely throw it in the pan without seasoning!

If your dog likes it, you can occasionally give him fried chicken, though raw or cooked meat works better.

Raw chicken meat as a light diet?

Have you often read about chicken and rice as a bland diet for dogs?

It’s actually a good combination. However, you should definitely boil the chicken in this case so as not to further challenge your dog’s stomach.


If your dog suffers from digestive problems, cooked chicken, beef broth, rice and grated carrots are the perfect combination for a stomach-friendly canine meal.

Characteristics of chicken meat

Chicken is high in protein and extremely low in fat, which makes it an interesting diet for dogs.

It also provides plenty of magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron as well as B vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Chicken offal contains crude protein and crude fat, which boost your dog’s immune system.

Dog & chicken at a glance:

If you follow the hygiene regulations when handling raw meat, you can feed your dog chicken without hesitation.

Since chicken is very low in fat, it is ideal as a light and diet food.

You must not feed chicken bones, as they splinter very quickly and can cause serious internal injuries to your dog!

Are you unsure or do you still have questions about raw chicken meat for your dog? Then just write us what you want to know under this article!

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