Can A Dog Eat Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter and jelly toast? Should be banned anyway because of the enormous risk of addiction!

Doesn’t really matter, because you want to know: Can my dog eat peanut butter?

In this article you will find out whether your dog is allowed to lick peanut butter, including jelly and toast, and what you have to pay attention to when feeding your pet!

In a nutshell: Can my dog eat peanut butter?

No, under no circumstances should dogs eat peanut butter! A look at the list of ingredients reveals that peanut butter contains a lot of additives such as salt and sugar in addition to the delicious peanuts. These ingredients can seriously harm your dog!

Is peanut butter taboo for dogs?

This isn’t an entirely yes or no answer, as there are a few differences with peanut butter.

Most peanut butter jars contain additives that are harmful to dogs, such as salt, palm oil, sugar, or other sweeteners like xylitol.

You can also get natural peanut butter in stores, without additives. Even your dog can lick these in moderation!

What peanut butter can dogs lick?

Always check the ingredient list for peanut butter before purchasing it for your dog.

Jars declared with peanut butter usually do not contain any stabilizers and are better suited for consumption by dogs.

Some pet stores now offer peanut butter that is specially made for canine consumption.

What Does Peanut Butter Do for Dogs?

Peanut butter does contain vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and vitamin E.

There are also 7.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as carbohydrates and protein.

Still, peanut butter isn’t necessarily the healthiest food for your dog.

The fact is, however, that it tastes very good to many dogs and can occasionally be fed as a treat in its untreated form.


Some dogs are allergic to peanuts. If your dog has never eaten peanuts, you should give them a small amount first and then wait 24 hours to see if they can tolerate it.

Peanut Butter with Xylitol

The sweetener xylitol is absolutely toxic for dogs, even in small amounts!

It lowers blood sugar levels to dangerous levels, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and seizures.

If your dog has eaten peanut butter with xylitol, you need to see a vet immediately! Left untreated, consumption of xylitol in dogs can cause death!

Of course, this also applies to other foods that contain the sweetener.

Peanut butter with salt and sugar?

These ingredients are also dangerous for dogs.

Sugar not only causes tooth decay, but can also lead to obesity and the resulting joint or cardiovascular problems.

As a rule, dogs do not need additional sources of salt. Too much salt quickly leads to gastrointestinal problems, including dehydration and symptoms of poisoning.

Feeding dogs peanut butter with salt and sugar is not only unnecessary but also grossly negligent!

Peanut butter as an occasional treat?

Can you do that?

There are sooooo many foods that are a thousand times better for rewarding your dog than peanut butter!

But if your little Schlecko loves them sooo much, you can occasionally give them a small spoonful of natural peanut butter.

Because of its spreadable consistency, peanut butter is great for serving in a kong or on a lick mat.

However, yoghurt, quark or cottage cheese are even better – they are also super spreadable and simply much healthier for your dog!

Dog biscuits with peanut butter?

Baking for your dog is no longer just a trend. There are now countless healthy and less healthy recipes for dog biscuits and dog cakes.

Yes, you can also use peanut butter to bake your woof if:

  • you use it sparingly
  • you don’t do this every day!
  • you found natural peanut butter without dangerous additives like sugar, salt or xylitol
  • you can’t let it go


Cottage cheese, quark, mashed banana, ground beef, or dog-friendly liverwurst (also without additives) are even better for making dog biscuits or cakes.

Can dogs eat peanuts without butter?

The little peanut – the only healthy thing about peanut butter!

Your dog can eat them if he can tolerate them.

Note that some dogs are allergic to peanuts, so try a small amount first.

Occasionally, there’s nothing wrong with tossing a few peanuts in your dog’s bowl.

However, they contain a relatively large amount of fat, which is why only slim and healthy dogs are allowed to eat peanuts.

Pancreatitis from peanut butter pancreatic?

Pancreatitis or, slightly easier to pronounce: inflammation of the pancreas.

Poor nutrition, too much sugar and unhealthy fats can lead to obesity and other health problems such as pancreatitis.

This is usually accompanied by common symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy.

If you have the slightest suspicion, you should consult a veterinarian! If the infection goes undetected, it can have serious consequences for your dog. From chronic suffering to death!

Can dogs eat peanut butter? Without jelly and toast?

Jain, dogs are only allowed to eat peanut butter under certain conditions. Definitely without jelly and without toast!

In addition, peanut butter must not contain any substances that are dangerous for your dog, such as salt, sugar or other sweeteners.

Even small amounts of the sweetener xylitol can be deadly for dogs!

Peanut butter doesn’t actually play a role in a dog’s diet. So it is unnecessary to feed them and you are welcome to do without!

Not sure if you can feed your dog peanut butter? Write us your questions under this article!

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