Cacti are a Threat to Parakeets and Parrots

House birds like to fly around in the apartment. So that they are safe there, keepers should eliminate some sources of danger – and this can include plants or flower vases.

Owners of parakeets, parrots, and Co. should make their home bird-proof. The magazine “Budgie & Parrots” in the 01/2019 issue points out some sources of danger for feathered pets.

Cacti with their spines are unsuitable as indoor plants and possible landing places for the birds. Be careful with vases with large openings that birds can slide into. Even if the vases do not contain water, the animals panic and can collapse in them.

Possible death traps are also buckets of mopping water that has been left standing after cleaning, or toilets with their lids up. Window or door panes should be identified by curtains, blinds, or window pictures so that the birds do not fly against them. Wall mirrors are also taboo where the birds are allowed to fly freely. If you see your reflection in it, you may perceive it as a competitor and attack it.

In addition, when the parakeet or parrot is out of the cage, bird owners should carefully open and close the doors. Otherwise, there is a risk of crushing the animal or its claws. The birds should also not go near hot stovetops, lit candles, or irons that have not cooled down. Placing the cage in direct sunlight is also not doing the animal any good – in order to avoid overheating, the bird should always be able to withdraw to the shade.

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Written by Mary Allen

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