Cabbage Instead of Herbs: Healthy Winter Food for Your Rabbits

Fresh green is in short supply for rabbits in winter. A few vegetables are a good substitute and provide healthy winter food for your rabbits – but you shouldn’t mean it too well with the amount …

Fresh grass and meadow herbs are the main meals for rabbits. But what do you give the animals when these things are in short supply in winter?

The best substitute for grass and herbs is good-quality hay. In addition, you can give your rabbits green, leafy vegetables in winter – for example, pointed cabbage, savoy cabbage, and kohlrabi leaves.

Slowly Get Rabbits Used to Winter Food

Since cabbage is known to be flatulent, you should slowly get your rodents used to their winter diet. First of all, you should only grind a small number of cabbage leaves before increasing the portions.

Root vegetables such as carrots and greens, parsnips, and parsley roots are also recommended in moderation.

You should also feed fruits such as apple and pear wedges sparingly, as they contain a lot of sugar and acid. An occasional snack is enough for rabbits.

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Written by Mary Allen

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