Buy a Budgie: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to buy a budgie, don’t do it on the spur of the moment. Spontaneous purchases sometimes bring bitter disappointments. Find out here what you should consider when purchasing a Wellis.

Features of Healthy Budgies

If you have made up your mind and want to buy a budgie, there are a few things you have to consider. Of course, every new Welli owner wants a lively and healthy animal friend.

Even laypeople can use some characteristics to tell whether the Welli is healthy or sick. So before you buy, take a close look at the animal of your choice – even for several days – and watch it carefully. The budgie should definitely look awake, attentive, and happy. Its plumage should also be clean, smooth, and matt-shiny. On the other hand, caution is advised if the animal is missing its tail or wing feathers. A look into the eyes, the beak and the nostrils is also highly recommended. The Welli should always have shiny and clean eyes, a smooth beak, and clean nostrils. Of course, these features are only guidelines. Some diseases cannot be guessed at first glance. Always ask about the bird’s history. If you want to be absolutely sure that your new darling is completely healthy, you should get a trusted veterinarian onboard after buying it. They can examine your animal very carefully and treat your wellie if necessary.

Buy a Budgie From a Breeder, an Animal Shelter, or a Private Person?

Buying a budgie should be considered carefully. Of course, it is essential to find out about your feathered friend carefully in advance. Once you’ve decided to bring budgies into your home, there are several ways to find the right animal friend. Whether it is a bird from the breeder, from the pet shop, or from the animal shelter depends on a few aspects that every bird lover should be aware of before buying.

At the Shelter

Giving an animal from the shelter a new home is certainly a good decision. Note, however, that you do not know the bird’s history. When choosing a new friend, you should therefore take a lot of time and carefully examine the animals. It is particularly important that the animal has clean, smooth plumage and does not give the impression of being lethargic. However, if the Welli looks satisfied and happy and looks tame, the chances are not bad that you have made a good choice. In addition, it makes sense to also consult the animal shelter staff. They know their animals very well and in most cases can give you satisfactory information about the animals present.

The Pet Shop

Even in a pet shop, you shouldn’t let your gaze wander around once more than once too little. The premises in general, but also the accommodation of the animals in particular, should make a solid, clean, and well-tended impression. Take a good look around and make sure that the budgerigars can find clean and fresh drinking water, limestone, branches, play areas, enough fresh food, and well-tended sandy soil in their home. Some pet stores keep too many animals in cages that are too small for them – if so, it would be better to look for another store.

Ask the seller for precise information about the animals and their origin. It is best if Wellis only had to travel short distances because the animals are transported too long and often lead to depression or trauma. The chances of getting the budgie tamed are then also worse.

Again, the same applies here that you should carefully examine the bird or birds of your choice before buying. Observe the budgies in their usual environment. Do you look normal, satisfied, and healthy? Do they eat, play, and drink? Then the chances are not bad that you have chosen healthy and happy budgies as new family members. However, if individual animals or even the whole group seem quiet and sleepy, take a closer look. The budgies don’t have to be sick right away, but you should watch a little longer now. It may also make sense to come back on another day. This way you can observe again and make sure that the parakeets are not missing anything. Maybe it was just a rest period. If this is not the case, you will now notice it on closer inspection.


If you have decided to get your new animal roommates from a breeder, you should definitely seek a personal interview with them beforehand. Because the top priority is: Only buy your budgies from reputable breeders. Inquire about his previous breeding experience and his approach and breeding goals. A conscientious breeder will be happy to provide information and will likely be proud and happy to showcase their results. Also, take a look at how the birds are housed. Is everything clean? Do the birds have enough space? Are they held in groups? Does the breeder treat his animals with respect? Does he even ask how the animals should be housed with you? If you can answer these questions with “yes” and if the breeder and the environment make a reasonable and appropriate impression, you can assume with a high degree of probability that you are dealing with a reasonable breeder who is interested in the welfare of his protégés. And that is valuable in two ways: Not only do you get animals in good condition, but you can also benefit from the experience and advice of an experienced budgie connoisseur.

Of course, a serious breeder can also earn money by selling his animals and want to win prizes at exhibitions. Granted that for his work and the great effort that he has invested (often years or even decades)! But unfortunately, there are black sheep everywhere and so the ambition of some breeders goes beyond the needs of the animals. Here the budgies and their well-being are no longer in the foreground, but rather monetary interests or ideals of beauty. The risks here include strong incest and the subject of “torture breeding”. A conscientious breeder (and also a serious breeding association), on the other hand, will attach great importance to the fact that the animals kept and bred can show their natural behavior and are in the best of health – also and actually especially when an ideal of beauty is to be pursued and high sales prices are to be achieved.

The Welfare of the Animals Comes First

Regardless of whether you opt for budgies from the breeder, from the pet shop, or from the animal shelter, the welfare of the animals should always come first. Let your gut instinct guide you. If you are just a little unsure about the seller or the animals, you should trust your instinct and rather look a little further and buy your birds with a clear conscience. So you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun with the parakeets. At the same time, you are doing something good by not supporting the unsightly machinations of dubious salespeople.

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