Busi or Canary?

Before getting a pet, there are a few things you should be aware of. Marion Roth has developed a free online test that can be used to determine whether you are suitable for the desired animal  – or not.

The well-being of animals is important to Marion Roth. As the daughter of a veterinarian, her love for animals was practically inherited, says the 22-year-old from Furtwangen (D). She also grew up with pets – dogs, cats, and birds. Her interest in animals is also the reason why she developed a free test for future pet owners as part of her Bachelor’s thesis as part of the “Online Media” course.

With questions like “How many hours a day can be spent on the animal?” and “What is the monthly budget for the animal’s food and veterinary costs?” is asked which pet is suitable for the respective living conditions – although it can also happen that the result is the sobering message “Unfortunately, no animal suits your living conditions at the moment for the following reasons”. A result that also affects Roth himself: “Later, when I’ve finished my master’s degree and settled down somewhere, I’d really like to have a dog and a cat. At the moment I don’t have enough time for that.”

She found out from her parents, who were veterinarians, and from numerous media reports, that pets were bought carelessly and soon afterward deported to animal shelters or even abandoned. Not least since the beginning of the corona pandemic, Roth is convinced that people would buy a dog far too quickly and thoughtlessly: “Just so that they can get out. Many are not even aware of how much work such a pet means. And also without having any idea what to do with it during the holiday season.”

Further Expansion Planned

She is particularly proud of the fact that she developed the test logic from scratch, says Roth: “It was quite a bit of work.” In addition to the test, the website offers background information about the animal categories dog, cat, and small animals. For example, you learn that budgerigars should not be kept alone and should be allowed to roam free every day and that house cats need entertainment and at the same time enough places to retreat to. Although Roth bases its information on minimum cage sizes and other animal welfare-related requirements on the German Industry Association for Pets, among others, these largely correspond to the Swiss requirements.

To be on the safe side, Roth also points out under each of her contributions that the information is only a rough overview. It is therefore important that prospective buyers always seek advice from the pet shop, breeder, or animal shelter before they get an animal. For example, about how the animal should be cared for, what needs it has and what needs to be taken into account so that the animal can have a comfortable life.

Roth intends to expand the range of information even further in the future. Among other things, she would like to describe different breeds in the “Cat” category in more detail and draw attention to their respective needs. In addition, she would like to further refine the current representation of the dogs in ten groups.

Roth says that she has already submitted her bachelor thesis. In about a month she would get the corresponding rating. As soon as the planned expansion of the website is completed, Roth would like to contact various animal shelters and animal associations: “Maybe they would like to link to my website.”

Mary Allen

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