Build Your Own Bird House

Find out here how you can easily build a birdhouse yourself. Winter feeding of wild birds goes into the next season. Reason enough to strap on your tool belt and embellish the garden with a self-made birdhouse.

The Cool Season is Called Feeding Time

It’s that time again, fallen leaves rustle under our feet, trees shimmer in reddish autumn tones, it’s getting cooler and darker again. Goodbye summer, welcome autumn! However, cooler temperatures herald not only autumn but slowly but steadily also the winter and snow season. The winter feeding season for our wild birds then goes into the next round. Because not all birds migrate south in the cold season. For our wild birds that have stayed at home, however, it is not always so easy to find enough food under the snow and ice cover. A bird feeder with sufficient species-appropriate wild bird food is more than convenient for the animals.

Free Seats

Whether in the big city on the balcony, in bushes and forests, or in gardens at home, birdhouses can be integrated almost anywhere. You should of course avoid some places, such as busy roads or construction sites, like a birdhouse.

Of course, if you have more space available, there is nothing against another bird feeder. The animals will thank you for it and you too will benefit: you can observe even more different and colorful birdies in their natural environment.

The Buffet is Open!

When it comes to feeding, opinions often differ. Some bird lovers are convinced of year-round feeding, others advise against it and are of the opinion that the animals should really only be fed in winter and only if it can be assumed that the birds cannot find enough food on their own.

So how you go about feeding is entirely up to you. In general, however, a bird feeder does not only make sense in winter. In summer you can simply convert the “bird buffet” into a “minibar” and put a bowl of fresh water in the birdhouse. That’s how quickly you turned a bird feeder into a pretty birdbath.

Build Your Own Birdhouse: on Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Building a birdhouse yourself is not difficult, looks great, and is a lot of fun for the whole family. You and your family have almost no limits when it comes to building a birdhouse yourself. So just let your imagination run wild: whether colorfully painted or in a classic design, you can design the new birdhouse according to your preferences. Discover now the do-it-yourself instructions for the birdhouse and not only beautify your balcony or garden but also do something good for our native wild birds at the same time!

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