Buds: What You Should Know

Buds are a kind of capsule on a branch or stalk from which something new grows the following year. This can be a branch, a leaf, or a blossom, i.e. a flower. There are only buds on plants that survive the winter, for example on trees or bushes.

The bud is comparable to pregnancy in animals or humans. The bud is something like a baby that develops a bit before it really starts.

The plant lays its bud over the summer. In winter, the bud is dormant, enduring cold and snow. In spring, the development of the plant continues, often starting with the buds: they open and reveal their contents. It’s like giving birth.

Flower buds are usually the first to open. They often announce spring to us. On many fruit trees, the flowers open before the leaves sprout. It’s not just beautiful to look at. It also gives the fruit the necessary head start to have enough time to ripen.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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