Brown Bear: What You Should Know

The brown bear is a species of animal in the bear family. So he’s a predator. The brown bear only lives in the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere where it is not too hot for them.

There are different subspecies of it, which are quite different in size and weight. Here are the two most important: The European brown bear lives in Europe and Asia. A male in the north weighs about 150 to 250 kilograms. In the south, however, it only reaches about 70 kilograms. So it’s going to be just about as heavy as a man there. In the case of the Kodiak bear on the south coast of Alaska and on the island of Kodiak, the male reaches up to 780 kilograms. The females are each quite a bit lighter.

Brown bears have the strongest skeleton of any bear. Her tail is very short. They have a hump over their shoulders, a thick bundle of muscles. Brown bears don’t see very well, but they smell all the better. They can move their heavy heads very well.

The fur is mostly dark brown. But it can also be slightly yellowish or gray to almost black. In the United States of America, there is the grizzly bear. They say “Grislibär”. As its name suggests, it is rather grey. The coat is denser in winter than in summer.

In the last few centuries, we only had the brown bear. That’s why people often just say “bear”. But that doesn’t mean just anyone, but the brown bear.

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