Brittany Spaniel – Small Hunting Dog with a Big Heart

Brittany Spaniel House is located in the heart of Brittany. Used throughout France as a hunting dog. To this day, the Brittany is a working breed that should be used for hunting if possible. As a family dog, he needs the right kind of exercise to be happy.

Hunting is a Passion

In France, Brittany Spaniel is part of the street scene. Passionate hunters keep them for their outstanding hunting qualities, but they can also be found as house and farm dogs. He is happy when he goes hunting with his owner. The little dog has its origins in the heart of rough Brittany. For these special dogs, a museum has even been created here.

The exact history of its origin is unknown. It is suspected that there was an unintentional mating between an English Setter female and a Breton Pointer male. The puppies had to combine the best of both parents. Enault de Vicomte was so inspired by the creation of his dog that he promoted its breeding. In 1907 he founded the “Club L’Epagneul Breton à queue Courte Naturelle” (Naturally short-tailed Brittany Spaniel Club). Anuria (congenital absence of a tail) is already included in the first breed standard, even if there are dogs with long tails.

The Brittany Spaniel is characterized by a keen sense of smell and a concentrated and extensive search in the field. He is a tireless worker even after a shot, in water, or in adverse conditions.

Brittany Spaniel Personality

Brittany Spaniels are intelligent dogs that bond closely with their owners. They are sensitive and gentle. Small pointing dogs have a high level of energy. However, they are cuddly and loving and require your hugs. As perfectionists, they always try their best; Failure drives her crazy.

Upbringing & Maintenance of Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniels are sensitive and flexible. Too much pressure from the owner is counterproductive. As working dogs, they are happy when they are allowed to hunt; this is her passion. Alternatively, you can keep your companion busy with dummy training, mantrailing or tracking work, or train him to be a rescue dog. As hunting dogs, they are very active, requiring at least two hours of daily walks to meet their needs.

Brittany Spaniel Care

Fine wool is easy to care for. Comb it after a walk or hunt to remove thorns and the like. Ears should be checked regularly for foreign objects and infections.

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