Breeding and Husbandry of the Briard

Due to the stubbornness and stubbornness of a Briard, a lot of patience and consistency with tact is required in training. A lot of love and empathy is also important for upbringing.

In general, Briards are described as difficult to train. But with enough time and commitment, a loving coexistence can be achieved. The Briard is being used more and more as a therapy dog ​​because it can give a lot back to people on a mental level. This underlines his good-natured and friendly nature.

In addition to the time to raise and keep a Briard, a home with sufficient space and a garden is a prerequisite for keeping a Briard well. In order to own a Briard, you should like to be on the move and like to exercise.

Also, the Briard is not a dog for a novice. If you want to buy a Briard, you should already have experience in dog ownership.

By nature, the Briard does not like to be alone. Train to be alone as a puppy so that the dog can get used to it. He prefers to have the whole pack around him and always tries to keep an eye on everyone in the family. This can be deduced from the fact that his actual task is to herd sheep or cattle.

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