Bombay Cat: Breed Information & Characteristics

The Bombay is a fairly straightforward breed of cats, but it does require a lot of affection. Therefore, she may spend more time than other cats. This is especially true for pure housing. A four-legged partner is all the more important for the affectionate Bombay cat in this case. But she also values the closeness of her people. Characteristic of the Bombay is their affectionate nature. This is sometimes so extreme that it can be perceived as intrusive. If you want to get such a cat, you should keep its strong need for attention in the back of your mind. Children and other animals in the household do not usually disturb Bombay.

Information on origin and appearance

At first glance, the Bombay cat is more reminiscent of a miniature black panther than a house cat. That was also the goal of the breeder Nikki Horner. She came from Kentucky, USA. So she crossed a black American Shorthair with a sable-brown Burma. Within ten years she achieved her breeding goal and the hybrid breed Bombay was recognized in the USA in 1958.

It is one of the rare cat breeds in Europe and is divided into three breeding forms:

  • The original, genetically healthy form from the USA is almost extinct.
  • A modern form is mainly represented in the USA, France, and Switzerland. Its snout is very short and wide, which makes it a bit reminiscent of a Persian cat.
  • Unfortunately, this breed type is often the carrier of the gene that is responsible for craniofacial damage. These are deformations in the head area. These are comparable to the cleft palate in humans.
  • The European form of the Bombay cat is characterized by a different slightly larger physique, an elongated snout, and larger ears.

The characteristic appearance of the Bombay cat

  • Only half the size of conventional domestic cats;
  • Shiny, pitch-black fur, smooth and close-fitting;
  • Big, copper-colored eyes;
  • Muscular body;
  • Athletic, elegant, and supple gait like a real panther;
  • Small, narrow paws;
  • Roundhead;
  • Medium-sized ears with a broad base and gently rounded tips.

What is typical of its temperament?

The Bombay cat breed is said to be cuddly and trusting. Occasionally the miniature big cat is even described as downright intrusive. Therefore it can happen that your favorite place is the shoulder of your holder. She probably got these traits from her ancestors. The Burmese cats are extremely friendly, peaceful, and people-oriented.

The character of the Bombay cat can still be described as curious and intelligent. Due to her willingness to learn, she is as enthusiastic as a dog for retrieving, trick training, or walking on a leash. Other pets or children are usually no problem for the Bombay cat. The prerequisite is that you get used to the social environment.

What should you watch out for when keeping and caring for it?

If you want to share your home with a Bombay cat, you have to be prepared for your extreme attachment. It will actively demand your closeness and often will not leave your side. Working people should therefore definitely keep them in the company of a conspecific. You can find more information on this topic here.

It is also important to create opportunities so that Bombay can act out its natural behavior. In an apartment, she, therefore, needs sufficient climbing opportunities and is happy to have a balcony secured with a cat net. The black fur of the mini panther does not tend to become matted and does not require any special care. But there are some animals that enjoy brushing a lot. Because they are happy about any kind of positive attention.

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