Bobtail – Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog, also known as the Bobtail, naturally, as the name suggests, has its origins in Britain. There, it was mainly used as a herding and sled dog, as it is highly weatherproof due to its thick fur. In addition, Bobtails are very hardy and muscular, although you can’t suspect this from their lush coat.


  • Cattle dogs and herding dogs (except Swiss Mountain Dogs)
  • German Shepherds.
  • Height: 61 cm or more (males); 56 centimeters or more (females)
  • Colour: Any shade of grey, grey, or blue. In addition, the body and hind legs are the same color, with or without white “socks”.


Old English Sheepdogs are not at all as frivolous and lazy as they might seem at first glance. They are very athletic, needing a lot of exercise – especially when temperatures are cooler or on snow, they are very fond of blowing off steam. However, during the warm season, these dogs should not be overly stressed due to their thick coat.

Features of the Breed

Bobtails are friendly, exuberant, and loyal dogs. They learn quickly and love to work with their people. They are also very suitable as guard dogs, as they are alert and will scare off many intruders with their distinctive bark sound. Despite this, although they take good care of the house and yard, they are not aggressive. On the contrary: Bobtails love children and are therefore also well suited for families.


Old English Sheepdogs need a lot of exercise and their coat needs daily grooming to keep it from matting. Therefore, it is important that the owner has enough time for long walks and combing the dog.

In addition, the Bobtails also loves to play and romp. Therefore, a country house with a garden is ideal for these dogs. Since long-haired four-legged friends are also very sociable and loyal, they are also suitable for people who have little experience with dogs.

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