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Country of origin: Russia
Shoulder height: 68 – 78 cm
Weight: 45 – 60 kg
Age: 10 – 11 years
Color: solid black or black with gray hair
Use: companion dog, guard dog, protection dog

The Russian Black Terrier is a large, defensive dog that was bred specifically for property protection. It needs sufficient living space, a competent owner, and a task that meets his natural protective instinct.

Origin and history

The Russian Black Terrier does not belong to the group of terrier breeds, but to the group of Pinschers and Schnauzers. It was specifically bred by the Russian military in the 1940s as a fierce and hard-working protection dog. This involved systematically mating Giant Schnauzers with Airedale terriersRottweilers, and other large dog breeds. In 1981, the Black Terrier was recognized as the youngest Russian dog breed at the time. Recognition by the FCI took place in 1984.


The Black Terrier is a large dog with a somewhat long, very athletic body and a massive lop-eared head. The tail is traditionally docked in the country of origin. The natural tail is long and sickle-shaped.

The Black Terrier has rough, dense fur consisting of a harsh, slightly wavy top coat and a soft, short undercoat. The untrimmed fur is about 5 – 15 cm long. The thick hair on the head with lush eyebrows, mustache, and beard is particularly typical. The coat color is solid black or mostly black with some gray hair.


The Black Terrier was originally bred specifically for property protection and border guards. Therefore, the defensive dog is very territorial and suspicious of everything strange. Even if the Black Terrier is kept purely as a family companion dog, one should not underestimate its pronounced protective drive and its strong guard instinct. In an emergency, it is ready to defend.

The Black Terrier is very intelligent, eager to work, and docile. However, it must be brought up with a lot of consistency and dog expertise. Puppies need early socialization so that they can easily fit into a family pack. At the age of one year, the Russian Black Terrier is a large and strong dog that is beginning to develop its protective instinct. This must be steered in the right direction from the start.

In the family, the Black Terrier is very affectionate, sociable, and personal. However, it needs sufficient living space and employment. Well-suited is obedience exercises, track work, or search games. The fur is trimmed, is fairly easy to care for, and does not shed.

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