Bird Bath in the Garden

A birdbath enhances the garden of every nature lover and fills it with life. Regardless of whether you want to introduce children to nature in their first steps or if you want to relax as an adult with the gentle splashing of your feathered friends, a birdbath is an enriching experience for young and old. But what is the point of a birdbath? Is it really – as the name suggests – a birdbath? So do birds bathe in a birdbath as we do in a bathtub? Well, the truth lies in a certain sense between YES and NO, so more of a classic YES. There are certainly parallels between humans and animals: Both bathe to refresh and cleanse themselves. A birdbath is an ideal opportunity for birds to cool off on hot summer days and clean their plumage.

If you observe the intense fluttering in the birdbath – often a real spectacle – then you even get the impression that the birds go far beyond the functional. They also really enjoy using the installation provided for a long time and intensively. However, thank goodness there are pool-specific differences between humans and animals. For the bird, his bath is also his watering-place, an ideal opportunity to soak up precious fluids. Especially in winter, when many places to drink are icy or otherwise inaccessible. A birdbath that is cared for by humans and de-iced with a little warm water can mean a welcome donation of water. And if you combine a small birdhouse with solid food with it, your garden will be full of life even in the cold season.

Care Must Be

A birdbath should not be an item that is placed in the garden simply for the sake of looks and entertainment. No, out of responsibility for the birds you should also take care of the bathroom. Keep it ice-free in freezing temperatures in winter so the birds can really drink. Both in summer and in winter, for reasons of bird health, the water should be changed as often as possible – ideally even daily – so that too many germs do not form in the stagnant water and the birds are not harmed. Of course, you don’t have to overdo it with hygiene either.

As is generally known, birds like to drink from puddles on the street. So it doesn’t matter if some dirt or leaves fall into your birdbath. Simply take it out with the next water change. You should also ensure that the birdbath is always adequately filled with water. Adequate here means not too little and not too much water. So it shouldn’t be empty. Because the tank is always full, the birds will remember your reliability, and accordingly, they will visit you often. Of course, you shouldn’t mean it too well and never fill in too much water so that your feathered friend can comfortably drink while standing or sitting. In order to keep the germ load permanently low, the bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly with a brush and hot water at least once a week.

The Ideal Location

It is important to choose the best possible place for the birdbath before setting it up. It would be ideal if it met both the needs of the birds and your needs in the best possible way. On the one hand, the birdbath should be easily accessible for you so that you can comfortably maintain and maintain it at the required frequency. On the other hand, you certainly want to enjoy the aesthetics of both the birdbath itself and those of its bathing visitors. For this, you need a clear view and also a certain distance from your observation position so as not to scare the birds. The great thing is, the more often the birds come by, the more they get used to the environment and also to the observation so that you can gradually reduce your distance to the birdbath over time.

Of course, it is important not to lose sight of the birds’ needs when setting up. The place should be chosen so that it is as well protected from wind and weather as possible in order to offer the birds a small wellness and bathing oasis in the truest sense of the word. It is no less important to consider the safety of the birds when choosing the location. The birdbath should only be set up where cats cannot hide in the immediate vicinity and/or sneak up unnoticed. It’s like with humans too: bathing safety increases bathing fun!

Which Bird Bath is Right for My Bird?

The most important question when choosing your own birdbath is to what extent it is suitable for birds. So functionality should be the focus first and then the design. Many a birdbath, which people consider beautiful, is not so beautiful for the bird. The water container should enable the bird to stand comfortably: A flat container with a slightly roughened bottom would be ideal so that the bird can stand securely.

If the basic functionality for the birds is guaranteed, one can devote oneself to further decision criteria. So it is an advantage if the bathroom is easy to clean – the more ornate the structure, the more difficult it is to maintain. Since you want to enjoy it for as long as possible, you should definitely pay attention to the durability of the material. Ultimately, you have to decide which appearance you prefer. And here there is really everything – from the bathroom with a subtle look made of natural building materials to the high-tech luxury solution. So it is also a matter of taste!

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