Biotope: What You Should Know

A biotope is the habitat of certain living beings. The word comes from the Greek words for life and “place”. One says “the biotope” or “the biotope”.

For scientists, the biotope describes all things in a habitat that do not live themselves. These include, for example, the temperature of air and water, precipitation, or the condition of the soil. These things influence which animals, plants, and fungi can live in a biotope.

All animals, plants, and fungi in a biotope are collectively referred to as “biocenosis”. Biotope and biocenosis together form an ecosystem. This is what biology calls a community of living beings that influence each other.

Examples of biotopes are lakes, rivers or individual sections thereof, swamps, moors, dry or wet meadows, cliffs, forests, and many other areas. Instead of a forest, however, a single dead tree trunk can also be viewed as a biotope.

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