Bepanthen For Dogs: Application And Effect (Guide)

Almost all of us have a more or less well-stocked medicine chest. Bepanthen is often one of the standard remedies that you always have in the house.

But can you use Bepanthen, which was developed for humans, for dogs?

In this article you will find out whether Bepanthen can be used for dogs and whether there are any dangers and risks.

In a nutshell: Is Bepanthen wound healing ointment suitable for dogs?

The wound and healing ointment Bepanthen is a very well tolerated drug that is also used for babies and small children.

Although the ointment was not specifically developed for dogs or other animals, it can be used without hesitation on smaller wounds.

Areas of application of Bepanthen for dogs

You can easily use Bepanthen wound and healing ointment on cracked skin or paws.

You should ensure that your dog does not lick the treated areas. Simple gauze bandages or shoes for the treated paws are a good option here.

The ointment is also good for treating smaller wounds. Bepanthen is also suitable for blisters and minor burns, as well as for eczema and rashes.


In the case of open wounds, it is first important to stop the bleeding. The best way to do this is to apply light pressure to the wound with a sterile cloth.

Only when the bleeding has stopped can you start cleaning the wound and applying the ointment.

Bepanthen can be applied up to four times a day. The ointment should be applied sparingly, preferably several times a day, so that it is well absorbed.

It is also recommended to use it at night.

In addition to the wound and healing ointment, Bepanthen also has an eye and nose ointment that is particularly sensitive. This can be used without any problems, for example, for reddening or inflammation of the mucous membranes.

The eye and nose ointment is also suitable for mild conjunctivitis, for example if your dog got a little draft when driving with the window open.

However, if the inflammation is severe or if there is still no improvement after a few days, you should consult a veterinarian.

Bepanthen is also well suited if your dog scratches its ears frequently and this has caused small scratches or inflammation. You should pay attention to whether the scratching is due to very dirty ears.

In this case, you should of course clean the ears thoroughly before using the ointment.

How does Bepanthen work?

The wound and healing ointment Bepanthen contains the active ingredient dexpanthenol. This ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect and is mostly used in wound care to achieve proper wound healing.

The active ingredient dexpanthenol is structurally related to pantothenic acid. This is a vitamin that is involved in important metabolic processes in the body.

Damaged skin lacks pantothenic acid. The wound treatment with Bepanthen compensates for the missing vitamin and the wound can close more quickly.

The anti-inflammatory ointment is also available in the Bepanthen Plus variant. The active ingredient chlorhexidine, which has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect, is also used here.

Chlorhexidine also acts as a disinfectant, fighting bacteria brought into the wound by dirt.

Can Bepanthen be toxic to dogs?

Bepanthen wound and healing ointment is considered to be very well tolerated. There are hardly any side effects or interactions with other medications.

The ointment is also free of colourings, fragrances and preservatives. However, if you observe a reaction or allergy in your dog, you should refrain from further use and consult a veterinarian.

Good to know:

Although the ointment does not contain any ingredients that are toxic to dogs, you should ensure that your dog does not lick the ointment off.

Bepanthen is not a cortisone ointment. Therefore, health risks for your dog are not to be expected.

When should Bepanthen not be used?

Bepanthen is intended for dry and cracked skin, as well as minor wounds such as abrasions or lacerations. The ointment contributes well to wound healing.

However, you should not use it to treat large open wounds. Professional wound care by a veterinarian is essential here.


Bepanthen wound and healing ointment, but also the eye and nose ointment from the same manufacturer from the home pharmacy is a medication that can be used without hesitation in dogs for smaller wounds, skin irritations and minor inflammations.

For larger injuries, however, a veterinarian should be consulted for wound care.

The same applies to skin irritations and inflammations that do not subside within a few days despite treatment with Bepanthen.

Overall, the preparation is well tolerated by dogs and usually produces no significant side effects.

If you have already had experience with using it on your four-legged friend, we would be very happy to receive a small comment.

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