Baobabs: What You Should Know

Baobabs are deciduous trees. They grow on mainland Africa, on the island of Madagascar and in Australia. In biology, they are one genus with three distinct groups. Depending on where they grow, they are quite different from each other. The best known is the African baobab tree. It is also called African baobab.

The baobab trees grow between five and thirty meters high and can live for several hundred years. The oldest baobab trees are even said to be 1800 years old. The tree trunk is short and thick. At first glance, the expansive tree crown with strong, misshapen branches looks like roots. You might think that the baobab tree grows upside down.

The fruits of the baobab trees can grow up to forty centimeters. Many animals feed on it, for example, baboons, which belong to the apes. Hence the name of the baobab tree. Antelopes and elephants also eat the fruit. Elephants also use the water stored in the tree. With their tusks, they pluck out the moist fibers inside the trunk and eat them as well.

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