Bananas: What You Should Know

Bananas are fruits. They grow in hot countries, i.e. in the tropics and subtropics. There are about 70 different species, but for a long time, only one was sold in Europe. In fact, it’s called “dessert banana” because it’s so cute. But because it was the only banana in the supermarkets here and up until a few years ago, it is simply called “banana”. In German-speaking countries, it is now the most popular fruit after the apple.

Bananas grow in large bunches on a perennial. They don’t really have a trunk made of wood, but rather made of rolled leaves. That’s why they don’t get very high. In nature they have flowers. Bananas are actually berries that contain seeds. The seeds of the bananas in our supermarkets have been bred.

When bananas are at least 14 centimeters long, they can be harvested. This takes about three months on a perennial. You harvest them while they are still green. The bananas are then inspected and loaded onto ships in boxes. They are stored there in a cold room so as not to ripen too quickly.

When the ship reaches its destination, refrigerated trucks are already waiting to take the bananas to their destination. Now they are still a bit green and go to a banana ripening plant. It’s warmer there and a certain gas helps the bananas ripen faster. Only when the master ripener is satisfied with their color are they delivered to shops and supermarkets.

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