Australian Mist: Cat Breed Information & Characteristics

The Australian Mist can be kept as an indoor cat as it values ​​human closeness very much. Lots of space and a variety of scratching and playing options are still a must. Keeping multiple cats is also recommended. It feels at home with seniors and families with children and is also suitable for cat lovers who want to bring a velvet paw into their home for the first time.

As the name suggests, the Australian Mist originally comes from Australia. The pedigree cat is the result of a cross between Burmese, Abyssinian, and house cats. In 1986 the breed was officially recognized in Australia and is still predominantly bred there to this day.

A typical characteristic of the Australian Mist is its coat pattern: This is very delicate and is often compared to a veil. This is where the English term “dung” comes from, which can be translated as “fog”. In Germany, the cat breed is often referred to as the Australian veil cat.

Generally speaking, the Australian Mist is of medium size and muscular build. Their back legs are slightly shorter than the front legs and their head is shaped like a rounded wedge. The fur of the pedigree cat is very short, silky, and shiny. The tail is decorated with a striped pattern.

Racial traits

The Australian Mist is characterized by its very gentle, uncomplicated, and sociable nature. Therefore, after a short period of getting used to it, it usually gets along well with other animals and/or children. The veil cat also normally appreciates the presence of conspecifics. But she is almost as happy about the company of people and quickly makes friends with them.

In addition, she is described as lively, bright, and attentive, and very playful, and curious.

Attitude and care

Like many other cat breeds, the Australian Mist also has a strong need for play and exercise. If there is enough space and sufficient play and climbing opportunities, it can still be kept as an indoor cat.

She values ​​human society very much. Some owners even report that the easy-care cat was given the choice and preferred to choose their human family and the house rather than a wild climb in the garden.

Because of its gentle nature, the Australian Mist fits well in senior households. Families with children can also enjoy it a lot. The rather uncomplicated cat breed is also well suited for beginners.

At best, the veil cat should not be kept alone and have a company of one or two conspecifics. So the four-legged friends can keep busy with each other when the people are away.

The maintenance of the Australian Mist is usually quite straightforward. Dead hairs only have to be removed regularly with a brush.

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