Australian Cattle Dog – Workaholic on Four Paws

The Australian Cattle Dog is everything but a homebody. Constantly looking for something to do and exercise, the adorable shepherd dog expects appropriate sports activity from its owners.

Australian Cattle Dog: Its Originality Lies in Its Nature

In the mid-19th century, the Australian Cattle Dog began to triumph as the Australians’ courageous hunting companion and guardian of their flocks. When the continent was populated by sheep and cattle owners, the compact power plant was at your side. As Guardian and Beater, he rarely needed a team to do his job successfully. Crossbreeding with native Dingoes and Collies, as well as with the Dalmatian, has turned the British import dog named Smithfield into a herding dog, ideally adapted to the heat and harsh conditions.

Australian Cattle Personality

The blood of the Dingo still flows in his veins and wants to be tamed. He is smart and far-sighted, accepting only dominant pack leaders. The dog has always had an unerring instinct for handling herd animals. He knows how to guide her carefully, but also how to distract and convey calmness. Even after long work in the pasture, the dog hardly looks tired. Replacing this task – physically and mentally – is a challenge for the owner in daily life.

Training & Maintenance of the Australian Cattle Dog

A close relationship with the Australian Dingo gives this dog a certain wildness. Above all, however, the Heeler – the Australian name for the Cattle Dog – has tremendous intelligence. And this is what requires mental nourishment to make the dog fit the species. Is it nice to walk in the sun and snuggle up to the sofa in the cold? The nature of this active “intellectual beast” does not play along. However, if you live an active life yourself and enjoy working with dogs every day, you will find the perfect partner for any adventure in the Australian Cattle Dog. Early, consistent, and daily strengthened education is important. The Cattle Dog requires a pack leader to look up to. The self-confident Australian Cattle Dog does not want to join a family with children and clearly shows displeasure.

Australian Cattle Dog Care

The dog loves fast movement and persistent work programs. Its compact body perfectly supports this passion. Not too big and relatively light, the power dog takes tight turns, makes lightning turns, and falls like a board when the brakes need to be applied. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Australian Cattle Dog has successfully won agility among people and dogs. Accordingly, quality nutrition is part of it from the very beginning.

Features of the Australian Cattle Dog

Choosing an experienced breeder is more likely to prevent breed-specific hereditary diseases such as blindness or deafness. Because in recent years, genetic testing has made it possible to suppress this predisposition through responsible breeding.

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