Artichoke: What You Should Know

Artichoke is a flowering vegetable that you can eat. However, some people also like flowering artichoke because it looks beautiful. It is also said that artichokes are medicinal plants, so they are good for your health.

The artichoke comes from warm countries that lie on the Mediterranean Sea. An example is Spain. Even the ancient Greeks knew the artichoke.

The plant has a stem that can reach a height of half a meter to five meters and can live for five years. Their leaves are fleshy and have hairs on the underside. If the plant is not harvested, it develops a purple bloom around the leaves.

The bottom leaves and base of the artichoke can be boiled, roasted, or fried. You can often get them in the supermarket ready-cooked in tins or pickled in oil. You can also buy it raw so you can cook it yourself. The artichoke is often eaten on a pizza or in salads. It tastes slightly sour and is soft.

Artichoke is also a medicinal plant that is said to help with a feeling of fullness. Bloating means your stomach feels very full or hurts after eating too much. It can be used as a cooked vegetable, as a juice, or as tea. Artichoke also helps with other diseases such as diabetes and it lowers cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is the fat in the body and you get it from eating animal foods such as meat. If you have too much cholesterol, you will get sick and maybe have a heart attack.

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